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    Thanks Kaj,

    Just to understand better, is that something somehow connected to the extra sensors/Touch ? or is it a general problem with a "standard" Oculus setup in the new versions of enscape ?
    Otherwise thanks for offering the version 1.7, but we had it on our hard drive.
    Now we run it, with less image quality but with right height when we walk.

    Hi there.
    Thanks for the great quality of your work.

    I have the same problem here in oculus (no height problem on the screen), except that the height feels eye around 75 cm went the Enscape setting is at his maximum (210 cm).
    I would mention that the ocolus software software itself is setup at 1.83 m.
    Also, I read Kaj's post from november the 10th and I started Enscape both sitting and standing with the hestset on my head, and the problem remains the same in both cases.

    It's not a problem we had before the last update and we are thinking to uninstall the last version to install the previous one.
    Opinions about that ?