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    I've just worked this morning with it, but in SU 2021 and SU2022 both I will be working with Enscape 3.3 and at some point it will simply freeze SketchUp. I'll have to force quit; I let it try and resolve for about 10 minutes first.

    I don't know for sure what the deal is, but when I disable Pin Enscape Window on top things have been running smoother.

    I'll keep you updated, but wondering if anyone else is finding SU freezing with the latest update?

    It's a heavy SU file: 148 mb, running the latest Windows 10 updates and NVIDIA drivers...the works.


    Okay. I have a solution that works for me. With it I can achieve the 2PP match.

    For me, the Enscape settings box for 2pp could not be checked. At all. So i did some experimenting. Here's my solution (which maybe others have already discovered a long time ago, but it's certainly not intuitive or apparent to me):

    1. Do NOT engage Enscape sync just yet.

    2. In SU establish your shot w/out 2PP

    3. in Enscape, enable 2PP

    4. Back in SU, enable 2PP

    5. THEN sync.

    To match the output sizes I get the SU and Enscape output sizes close. In Enscape you can choose the aspect ratio to sync as SCREEN. I open the smaller of the two in PS. Then I 'place embedded' the larger render in and it comes in exactly in the right spot (less the top and bottom difference that occurs from the difference in size).

    You can also start with the larger, place the larger, and scale it. Boom!

    +1 Please.

    The 'workaround' is not a workaround for those of use who need truly orthogonal views.

    This is one of the major missing components to Enscape right now. (The other being better exposure control; you know what I mean if you've ever tried to use Enscape lights and then point the camera at an open window and it changes the predictability there...but i digress).

    Would LOVE to have this as a standard feature for the SketchUp version at least. Thanks.