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REMINDER! If you encounter any issues with Enscape (e.g. crashes, installation problems) or your subscription please reach out to our dedicated support team directly through the Help Center or by using the Support button as detailed HERE! Thank you for your understanding.

    I can confirm the panoramas work as expected using Chrome or Firefox browsers on iOS 13.1.2. If you are scanning a QR code to go to the link, do not use the iPhone's camera for this. Go to the keyboard (touch the search bar to bring it up) and use the scanner in either of the browsers instead.

    I had a chat with Apple support about taking away access to the accelerometer in Safari, and they said it's behaving the way they intended.

    It's my understanding that the hosting sites need to modify their code to prompt for access before the users can allow it. Instead of a global "on" setting, I think it will build a specific list of pages that are approved to use this feature.

    With iOS 13, I am generally very thankful that Apple is taking such steps to protect our privacy. Why on Earth would Solitaire need to track my location in the background at all times? It's a minor inconvenience for now. It sounds like Enscape is modifying their viewer to fix it.

    The settings for allowing Safari access to the iPhone's accelerometer has been removed from iOS 13. I cannot find it and now the panoramas don't spin as I move my phone. I can still drag my finger across the screen. This also disables Google Cardboard viewing as there is no way to navigate without it. Is anyone aware of if or where that setting has gone?


    It shouldn't be difficult (especially in Revit) to add View Option settings to govern whether Enscape content shows up in plan or elevation views. Enscape is placing everything as Planting families, which is convenient to hide entourage items, but keeping the real vegetation items takes additional time.

    We are having an issue because IT has to install programs in admin mode. Using the older versions with an *.EXE installer, they were presented with the option of installing for all users or just the logged in (admin) user. With the new *.MSI installer, they aren't presented with that choice. I found the page with the extra command prompts to use to modify the install options, but we are still having problems getting 2.6 to install.

    Here is that link:…nstaller-program-options/

    1) Fewer people on their phones

    2) +1 for FBX import

    3) More grasses, shrubs, flowers and bushes

    4) Auto-rotate assets (especially vegetation) so they don't look like cookie-cutter copies.

    5) Office accessories (notepads, briefcases, purses, cell phones)