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    Hey, is there any info out there yet for Oculus Link? We have Oculus Quest

    There is some news from Facebook/Oculus, the Link came out of Beta today. Release info
    These small/light (wireless?) headsets are much better for Arch-Viz (As opposed to 120hz 6dof gamer headsets)
    Enscape team is actively developing for new devices, however there is some risk they will overlook Quest + Link & others.

    Hi, I'd like to comme

    Hi there! Just wanted to see if Enscape has any news on support for all these new headsets

    • Oculus Go (Standalone Exports maybe? Please?)

    Enscape team, please let Phil Read comment/advise on the Oculus Go's potential in Architecture.
    It could be EASILY passed around a boardroom during presentations... Perfect for ArchViz
    The Go deserves special attention, since it is essentially a wireless VR display with a high resolution screen.
    Architecture needs this functionality from a HMD, not 144hz in 6 DOF

    EGIE - this render is not currently possible in Enscape. I can instruct you about achieving this effect in V-Ray, in which case your colleagues and you could exchange materials and you could work offline/at home no problem, with any software and with all types of computers.

    HOWEVER it could be possible in Enscape, only we would need two more material settings.
    We need a checkbox to add outlines to an individual materials.
    We need a checkbox to allow specific materials to be displayed while in white mode.

    These are two very powerful settings which allow for a large variety of architectural graphics.

    Here's an image I made with v-ray.
    If you added an 'outline' and 'don't override in white mode' checkbox then this would be achievable in Enscape.
    As others have said, adding these couple basic features would add lots of functionality.
    I believe these settings would create a large advantage over Lumion.

    **Edit: I am proposing these 'outline' and 'don't override in white mode' settings be added to every material**