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    Truly great news. One of the reasons why, when I think of the customer care quality from the people of Enscape3D, these words come to mind.

    Never gonna give you up.

    Never gonna let you down.

    Never gonna run around and desert you.

    Phil Read - I too am anxiously awaiting the update for use with Revit 2023.

    I and everyone here understand the need for patience and waiting. You know the rules and so do I. A full commitment's what I'm thinking of. You wouldn't get this from any other guy. I just wanna tell you how I'm feeling. Gotta make you understand.

    We do need this update as soon as possible.

    I'm having a tough time getting the update 2.6 to work on my machine. Revit runs fine, but when I try to fire up Enscape, it takes a LOOOOONG time to render the initial camera and it seems to lock things up. When I try to move, things get worse and even the OS isn't manageable and very unstable. Any ideas what I should be testing for?

    Hi, I'd like to comme

    Enscape team, please let Phil Read comment/advise on the Oculus Go's potential in Architecture.
    It could be EASILY passed around a boardroom during presentations... Perfect for ArchViz
    The Go deserves special attention, since it is essentially a wireless VR display with a high resolution screen.
    Architecture needs this functionality from a HMD, not 144hz in 6 DOF

    It's entirely possible for Enscape to support BOTH headsets. :) The Go/Quest is so affordable, an arch firm giving a board some presentation should bring a handful of them for many people to use it simultaneously.

    But, I do think that the ability to render high quality views with desktop power, and 6DOF does need to happen during the DESIGN process by architects and designers. Enscape is certainly part of that design team/process.

    This definitely gets my upvote. I'm currently using the Vive Pro, but will be taking delivery of a Valve Index before June 28, 2019. So, I'd love to see a release around that time that includes that headset as well as the Valve Index Controllers.

    Does Enscape need to release an update for the Revit plugin for the Valve Index, or is that something that will automatically happen via SteamVR?

    If that's something that needs to be coded on the developer level, is it something that Enscape is planning on doing since the Valve Index will be shipping around June 15, 2019?