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    Enscape is fast, beautiful, easy to use and inexpensive. The lack of a material library doesn't limit your use of Enscape. Even with the material library, I prefer to use materials from other locations starting with Google image searches (using keywords "seamless texture"), SketchUp Texture Club, etc. You will find the (eventual) Enscape material library doesn't always have the exact material that you need.

    Ok but if there was only the material library missing, it would have been quite OK but some other function as sort of light etc.. are missing

    the fact that it is easy to use didn't justify that part of he functionalities are missing compare to PC

    Do you have a schedule to know when those functionality will be integrated.

    I have buy for now few licences to test before deploy for all the creative people of the compagny...

    Thanks for your answer but how can you sell a license with one of the major part of the software missing!!!

    It's the same price on Mac and PC but with just a part of it.

    if I remember the material library was working in the Beta test....


    I use Enscape (not a trial) for Mac / Sketchup 2022 but there is no material library button.

    How to fixe it?

    As it is a paid version, it will be cool to have all the basic features?

    best regards