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    Hello everyone,

    This might be a simple problem but I have no idea how to fix it

    this is a screenshot from Enscape window

    and this is what Enscape exports as a file

    As you can see there is no light from the hallway behind the tree.

    I tried different resolutions and on both High and Ultra modes and every time the exported file does not have that particular lights on.

    Any comments would be appreciated.

    Well, I tried some simple examinations and these are the early results:

    As a general explanation, I made a simple model in 3 different sizes, Normal size, 3x larger, and 10 times smaller. I also sent the SketchUp screenshots for the lighting source arrangement to be visible. In all three sizes, light sources have been scaled down in size(using SketchUp scale), and light intensity changed relative to the size( for example if in normal size it is 50 lums, in 0.1 size it is 5 and in large one it is 150 lums). I only set the lights in higher rows so the cyan and red rows are not important.

    As you may see there is a single spotlight on the left box, a triple spotlight on the second one, and a row of rectangle lights on the last(right) one.

    For more detailed exams I also made the 3rd and 4th boxes in the largest sample lightened with 2 more sets of spots. One (3rd one) with the same intensity but scaled in size, and another one(4th one) with a row of spotlights.

    I like the larger one, especially in the spotlights comparison as it is more mild and ranged and I think in these small models(normal size for example) the spotlights cannot be seen as detailed.

    The main purpose of this trial was to check if it is better to enlarge the model for small spots to be detailed and lightened, as I mentioned in the first post, in a jewelry store.

    It looks like you have set the Enscape visual setting rendering quality to "draft" (lowest quality)... this setting is being used to check the model in draft mode; in this mode, you can not see the mirror effect.

    Please set it to higher modes and enjoy the reflection.

    Visualsetting>Main>Render Quality> set to higher quality


    Hello everyone,

    This has been rambling in my head for some time now.

    I will design a jewelry store and probably have lots of detailed lighting which I think will not have good results with line or rectangle lighting in pretty small areas.

    I was thinking if I try to make the model 10 times bigger(or any decent percentage that makes the lights and for example carpet texture more detailed) I probably have not the issue with small areas.

    I think I am probably going to have a problem with textures but maybe can solve it with sizing.

    Has anyone already tried this method?

    the main reason for this change is to have a soft editable linear light in tiny little areas and especially detailed lights for the pieces of jewelry.


    Feel free to also still send in that feedback report as previously inquired so that we'll receive your generated log files alongside:…back-button-win-sketchup/

    This way we can also check what is causing your crashes and if it's due to the same cause each time and so forth. Let me know as well once sent in and we'll check it out. Thank you in advance.

    Feedback including log files has been sent after the last crash, a couple of minutes ago.

    Maybe bring that up to date - that’s 9months+ old now. to get the latest ones rather than relying on windows update :)

    I have just updated it to the latest GPU version. There are no new results, the same problem, only one shot made and again, the same error. I am trying on a significantly lighter model that does not contain that many lights (compared to the previous model) and I am getting the same crash.

    PS: Just made couple more renders and worked fine, but I cannot rely on these couple of shots, as it is not stable I think.


    now I tried the same method on a large file again and got the error. RT sunshadow off. ultra quality ultra HD size

    still everything is good on high quality but the point is exactly what I need to show is being shown only on ultra (some white light reflected from polycarbonate wall).

    PS: turning off the whole RT worked on ultra-quality

    PS2: restarted Enscape on tried RT on again and started from a very low size like HD and moved to the top(ultra HD) and worked fine again. It is like we are talking about some other serious issue, not the RT only.

    PS3:and just find out I really need RT to be on, Does not give me the correct outcome without it.

    Hello everyone,

    I am having a weird issue lately which I couldn't figure out how to fix it.

    Every time I am working on a heavy model (around 200 MB which is a regular model size in pro usage) and feeling heavy on SketchUp, when I try to get an ultra-quality render I get this error and escape crashes.

    I used to get this error and I think there was sth wrong with the version of the GPU and Windows updates which I think I resolved, but after a while, the error has come back, and exactly when it gets close to a deadline it keeps crashing. I had a very important presentation last night and unfortunately, I had to export all files in High-quality instead of ultra-quality. The weird situation is that I tried again today and everything was good I could export some good ultra qualities but after a couple of shots the error popped up again. I always try to export a test in HD size before going to a higher size but this error keeps popping even on HD image size.

    I use a good PC and I am sure my setup can handle these types of files and processes.

    Win11 / CPU 12400 i5/ RAM 32GB /

    GPU RTX 3060 ti tuf 8GB

    triple fan for CPU and GPU

    Sketchup 2022 (just updated to 2023 today and got the same error)

    Enscape 3.5

    note: The error always happens on ultra mode / the size of the image does not matter(at least on HD and above) / sometimes I do not get the right colors and reflections even when the render is going okay.

    any comments?


    Of course this is possible if you changed the texture scaling of the material (in SketchUp!) on one of the surfaces, but not on the other. Would you like to check that? If this is not the solution to the issue, and if changing the time of day doesn't help either, do you have a chance to share this model with me to take a closer look?

    Well, I used to check this too but as during time I made sure that it is not the issue, haven't checked this on the current model. Anyways, I'll check and if it is not the problem I will upload the model here.

    Thanks mate,

    Hey hypercube, it seems like the change in color in your image is caused by the different angle of the surface. One side seems to get less light than the other. What happens when you change the time of day using Shift + right mouse button, then move the mouse? Do you get a different result when the light shines directly on both surfaces?

    No that is not the issue for sure.

    As I might have mentioned everything is set correctly. The problem is with different sizes of the same material in two different spots.