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    Hi guys,

    Once again, awesome software and a very good user/creator relationship for updates.

    A little point on the assets and how they show in plan, section and elevation in Archicad21 (undoubtedly all versions would be the same).

    The polygons show and thus i can't use them in our plans, sections and elevations, they look too messy. (30million dollar mixed use development, drawings need to reflect this).

    As we all know they look fantastic in 3D, but they really need to be the business in 2D as well. :) I guess the morph wasn't set to smooth when it was created ?

    Hi guys, great software, just a little request to make saving images in Archicad21 a little less cumbersome.

    The automatic naming includes 'Enscape+Date+Time.jpg' but i have no need, when sending JPEGs to clients for example, for there to be 'Enscape' in the name. In face the information in the name is quite crucial in architecture to ensure everyone is dealing with the latest drawings. I remove it every time and replace it with the project name, which i paste into the file name of every image.

    A custom field that allows us users to replace that bit of text would be an awesome change.

    Also, maybe a couple check boxes for the date and time so you can compose your automatic naming to something useful to you. For example, the time isn't always needed.

    Hi. This is the second project where this error has occurred, both in Archicad21.

    The problem: I choose my tree, try to place it in 3D, nothing happens. Earlier in the day i was able to place the assets (trees, cars..).

    /////// I just figured out the solution. I'm dealing with Teamwork projects and Enscape creates a folder in the Embedded Library, if that folder isn't reserved the problem above will persist. It would be great if enscape would prompt you to reserve the folder if it needs it ;):)