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    It looks like you exported the view "00 3D Persp", which probably doesn't have a section box. Selecting the view "2nd Floor 3D" in Revit doesn't apply that view's section box in Enscape. If you want this, you need to select the view from the dropdown in the Enscape ribbon.

    In Revit there is always one view selected for performing the data export. It's a little bit different for SketchUp and Rhino. SketchUp syncs the viewport content, so switching to another scene changes the content in Enscape. Rhino's named views simply do not have any geometry information attached and Enscape always shows the viewport content.

    Daaaah... Should have come up with that myself :) Thx for the tip.


    ONe thing I just noticed testing out the new 2.1 features... Enscape does not recognize a Revit section box? Has this always been that way?

    I am experiencing a new issue w Enscape this morning on one of my latops, an Asus ROG Zephyrus. It has a 1080 and worked fine previously. I have since made sure the Nvidia driver is the latest update and have uninstalled/re-installed Enscape with no luck. The installed the preview version and it still does not work. This is not model specific as the same models that crash on this laptop open fine in Enscape an other machines. Workflow - fire up Enscape and it shows "starting enscape" but gets stuck at 5%. Any advice on what to do next?

    I did not go for the Alienware or any of the MSIs because of size and portability and the battery life is equally bad. I woould argue that the Zephyrus is on par with the Alienware (which I tested previously). So far the Zephyrus is holding up really well. The ventilation base is pretty sturdy and fairly stable even when on my lap. It has a 15" screen which is my ideal screen size. I previously tested a couple of MSIs and I could just not see myself logging those around either. I have an Alienware desktop with a 1070 and the Zephyrus blows my desktop out of the water performance wise. I would seriously give it a shot.

    I have just completed a 2-week side-by-side testing of the following Laptops: ROG Zephyrus - 1080, Razer Blade HD - 1060, Razer Blade 4K - 1060, Dell XPS 15 - 1050. I did not compare benchmarks, just real-life feel and observations of everyday Revit/Enscape tasks. Here are my observations:

    ROG Zehpyrus: Rocks the house, flies Revit, Enscape, Twinmotion. Good build quality. Display is only HD. Battery life sucks (1.5-2 hrs when running Enscape). Charging brick is ridiculously big (you can kill someone with this thing) and heavy. Runs quite under load.

    Razer Blade HD: Slick design and beautiful craftsmanship - It's like a windows macbook prop. Great performance w Revit, Good performance with Enscape, OK performance with Twinmotion. HD screen is OK, not great. Battery life is about 3-4hrs w Enscape. Runs semi-quite under load.

    Razer Blade 4K: Great performance w Revit, Good performance with Enscape, OK performance with Twinmotion. 4K screen is super nice. Great color. Battery life is about 1-2hrs w Enscape, Fans runs super loud when Enscape or Twinmotion is open (to the point where it's uncomfortable in a meeting)

    Dell XPS15: Great performance with Revit. Great build quality. OK performance with Enscape, Crawls with Twinmotion. Screen is super nice, but color balance is off. Battery life is bets in the bunch - 3-4hrs under heavy load, 7-8hrs under normal load. My fav laptop for everyday tasks. Runs quite under load.

    In summary, IMO, there's no ideal solution. The ROG Zephyrus blows all other machines out of the water, runs very quite even under heavy load but the battery life and power brick make it only a semi-portable laptop. I think I'm going to keep this one to run every day presentations in our conference room. It runs so smooth, I can get over the battery life and size of the power brick. The Blade is beautiful but somewhere in the middle on performance, and just semi-OK on battery life, so I'm going to return both of my blades even though the build quality is beautiful.

    The Dell XPS is perfect until you have to run a heavy model in Enscape, it runs it, but just not very smooth.

    In the end, you're going to have to decide what is important to you - Max performance or portability. The in-between (the Blade's) for me just don't cut it. I can live with the slightly lower performance with great battery life of the Dell over the slightly higher performance of the Razer and the sucky battery life. But I also need at least one semi-portable that can fly Enscape and Twinmotion for the conference room presentations. So at least for now, I'm stuc with two laptops, my everyday Dell XPS allrounder and the ROG for the heavy stuff.

    The performance of the Razers is OK, but the battery life kills it for me. I'm curious how the new Surface Book 2's will stack up. The 1060 in the Razers is OK for Enscape, so if the new Surface Books live up to the battery life promises, they might be our best best bet for now of a good performance/battery life compromise.

    I would like to second the request to support the Windows 10 mixed reality platform. Looking at the variety of headsets out there and most importantly no need for external tracking sensors this would just make sense to me. We just pre-ordered a samsung odyssey headset and I'm curious to see how it performs. Can the Enscape folks shed any light if any development is in progress to support the Win10 MRP?

    Danke schoen!


    HI all;

    I just tried Enscape in VR for the first time. I noticed that when switching to VR mode, the lighting on my ceiling changes... any idea why that would be?

    Screenshot 1 - Enscape w/o VR enabled.

    Screenshot 2 - Enscape with VR enabled.