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    I have installed Sketch Up 2023 on my Windows laptop and Enscape is missing?
    Its on the 2022 version but I cant for the love of me find it on 2023..
    I have a deadline to get some materials out on a visual created in Sketch Up 2023 so desperately looking how to install but cant find nothing.

    Hey Guys... Thanks for the input.
    JMarsh4087 I went down that same rabbit hole and got very similar quotes..

    This may be something I have to explore for the more bespoke requirements

    HOWEVER- really feel it is important that Enscape step up and focus on their people assets to include more diversity and inclusivity.
    Looking through the pallet I could not find an elderly person or someone with glasses!
    Demian Gutberlet is there a timeline on this being available as I need to start looking at other rendering software to see if they have this function

    Hey All

    I work in the retail sector and use :sketchup: and render my images and videos through Enscape...

    To bring images to life I add in a lot of assets, mainly people.

    However overtime I need more from the assets... so people in poses relating to an environment

    Someone paying at a checkout with their phone. Someone reaching up for an item off a shelf, Pushing a trolley, Carrying a basket, Walking from a fitting room with some clothes, a member of staff with a custom uniform!

    You get the idea....

    But how do I go about getting these?

    I have looked at other options but these require me learning another piece of software... (and I am time limited)

    Is there an option to request characters?

    Is there anyone who can create a pallet of characters?

    Hellllllpppp ?