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    Hi Manuela/Demian -

    i have definitely noticed a slow-down in the normal operation of Enscape in the last month or so. I also am now getting the occasional freeze while using Revit. Enscape seems to be regenerating/processing every time i do something, even when I am not changing the model, i.e. detailing in 2d. I've taken to pausing it immediately after playing/updating until I absolutely need to. This is not something I've ever (~2 years) had to consider.

    justink , the great people at Enscape suggested - in my case at least - that it could be related "to the SLI graphics card configuration" of my system. After disabling SLI through the Nvidia Control Panel, it fixed the problem. Not sure that this will help you though!?

    Interestingly I have since installed the very latest Nvidia drivers (released today) which in turn switched my SLI configuration back on *BUT* has not affected Enscape (negatively anyway) at all. Hopefully this will continue as it has always worked perfectly since installation.

    As a side note, Revit still crashes on closing a project. This problem started occurring just before I had the Enscape issue...

    justink, did you get anywhere with this problem? I seem to be experiencing a similar issue now. I have only just updated Revit to 2020.1 and already had Enscape 2.6 installed.

    My issue is that Enscape only loads for 5-10 secs before crashing out - closing Revit at the same time...