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    tjasak It sounds like you're trying to use 2-Point Perspective to generate a Parallel Projection image, but these aren't quite the same thing. Parallel Projection removes the perspective element, rendering all parallel lines as actually parallel ad-infinitum.

    2-Point Perspective on the other hand maintains some level of perspective, but removes one vanishing point as compared to 3-Point Perspective (the default perspective for most 3D modeling/rendering software, as it is the most accurate to how our eyes/a camera works compared to the frame around it). This means all vertical edges that are parallel are rendered as such, which can help make an eye-level view look more "natural" (despite a 3-point perspective being more "accurate"). This is because your eyes are also always registering the frame of the image, which is always parallel, and seeing slight inconsistencies between these edges and the edges in the image can look weird.

    2-Point perspective breaks down however the further you rotate your view down or up. As it is distorting the view to keep vertical edges parallel, when you are looking up at a steep angle it will severely distort the image to maintain the parallel projection. Thus, if you're looking to create a rendered plan this system will quickly break down and create some strange visual results.

    This is why we all also want Parallel Projection (and the related axonometric/isometric/camera angle adjustments), so that we can have both options depending on what we are trying to render!

    Hope that helps.

    I'd like to give a +1 to this feature request. Having to save and load separate paths isn't too big of a deal, but it would be nice to just have them live in the file simultaneously. Just a little easier to work with.

    I would also like to add my support to this request. Would be very useful if I need to go back and edit lights in the future.

    I would also like to see the size of lights increased. Why are we limited to 3m for linear lights, for example? I frequently want to create light sources that are much longer - so I have to add a bunch of lights in a line. and since you can't snap the lights to each other it can get messy. Yes, you can copy lights, but again, why not just let us make larger lights?

    I understand completely the technical limitations here with view control through Enscape - it was a high wish that's for sure! But not something I necessarily expected to be possible.

    However, I would absolutely support the ability to update existing Enscape views/scenes. I'll add as many upvotes to that as I can!

    Project-specific settings would be awesome!

    I get why the settings are stored where they are - and ultimately, they are pretty easy to share. However, unless someone actively remembers to share their settings, when someone else comes along to work on the file they will be stuck in a rut. I've run into this a couple times where I had to update a coworker's renderings when they were out of the office - however, since their computer was off (and the settings are saved locally) and they were out, I couldn't get to their settings. This could be particularly problematic if that employee leaves the firm and their computer is removed as well, thus forever deleting those settings.

    It would be nice if settings could somehow be stored in/with the SketchUp file to which they relate. Obviously embedding them into the file is almost certainly impossible... but perhaps if they were stored in the same folder as the file to which they relate. Or even just be able to choose the settings folder location, so we could pick a folder on the network (thus preventing the sharing problem) for example.

    I understand about keeping things constant - these were generated as part of a larger diagramming effort. When I went back to find images to post here, this is all I had.

    Slight correction: the ability to pan/look around in Enscape vs SketchUp with parallel projection is slightly different than I initially wrote - in SketchUp, with pp turned on you can pan the view, but trying to look around turns off the setting. In Enscape, if you have the native pp turned on you actually can look around and maintain the setting. The problem arises that Enscape does not pick up SketchUp's panning with pp turned on when you have views synced.

    I have also run into some issues with light-leak and incorrect shadows, but specifically the newer version of Enscape seems to be much worse in this regard.

    I've attached two images. One is from Enscape version 2.4, and the second is 2.5. Specifically look at the shadows around the car models - in the 2.4 version, the shadows are much more pronounced, while in 2.5 they almost disappear.

    Now, I realize this model is going to create problems with light leak, as it has a very large ground plane behind it that shouldn't be there. However, I found it odd that with no model changes at all, the issue seems to be (at least visually) worse in the newest version? Also note in the newer image, I bumped shadow sharpness all the way up, which helped some but not much (the other changes are materials, and turning on outlines to try and compensate for the shadow loss).

    Pardon my ignorance here, but is there a way to update a view in Enscape? So far the only way I can find to save a camera position is to create a new view - but what if I want to adjust the camera after the fact. Do I need to make yet another view?

    I realize I can synchronize views between Enscape and SketchUp, but this is running into it's own problems - since SketchUp determines it's camera cropping based on the size of the window including toolbars (a poor decision in my opinion - it is extremely difficult for multiple people to export out the same size image from SketchUp as they will invariably have different setups), Enscape also seems to pick this up and move the camera to adjust. In addition, we frequently have Parallel Projection turned on in SketchUp for when we export out straight views from SketchUp - in SketchUp, you can pan a parallel projection view to fake "looking up" while still keeping the verticals parallel - in Enscape, you cannot, unless you turn on it's own Parallel Projection option. But of course, this isn't available when you have synced views.

    This is all fine, I can work within the limitations of view aspect ratio/camera position/projection, but it creates a situation where I want to have slightly different versions of views between SketchUp and Enscape. Thus, I keep synchronization off. The problem is, if I adjust the view In SketchUp, it doesn't in Enscape. Fine, I can also adjust in Enscape (And frankly with heavy files Enscape is much smoother to move around anyway, and almost preferable). But I can't seem to find a way to update an existing view from Enscape.

    Ideally, I would love to sync views between Enscape and Sketchup, but have Enscape control the view/camera, not SketchUp. But barring that, I would at least like to be able to update existing views in Enscape (the ones listed in the "Manage Views" dropdown). Yet, I only seem to be able to create new ones. When I am frequently adjusting views and working with 10+ views, view management quickly becomes messy.