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    Hey Demian,

    My VR question is in regards to the the scenes and tags acting the same way when using VR via Sketchup & Enscape live as it does when you run a standalone exe. So what I mean by that said above that what's tagged in sketchup as part of a scene does not transfer into a standalone exe due to the link between sketchup and exe not being there which i assumed and can accept. However, if i have Sketchup open and I launch Enscape to where anything i do in sketchup is rendered on the fly in Enscape i can easily toggle between favorites/scenes in enscape and they perfectly retain what i had tagged in that scene in Sketchup. However...if i launch VR (from live enscape still) i can switch between scenes/favorites and my location and whatnot moves but what was tagged in sketchup does not translate with it. So in this case the link between sketchup and Enscape IS there unlike the standalone situation yet they act the same.

    Hey Demian,

    I was afraid that would be the answer for standalone. Is your answer the same for VR when using Enscape ALONGSIDE Sketchup and not standalone because it acts the same way?

    Thank you VERY much for the quick response

    Hey All,

    So in Sketchup I create scenes with specific tags turned on or off. I launch enscape and using an xbox controller (or just through the menu) I can switch between the views and the render changes as expected based on what tags were on when the scene was created. Now...if i export to a standalone exe the views exist but nothing changes in regards to what was tagged on or off during the creation.

    I am missing something or that expected for some reason? It does the same thing if using VR. The scenes are correct in Sketchup, they work perfect in Enscape when tied to Sketchup but if you VR it and swap views the location, time of day, etc all change as expected but things that were tagged on or off do not follow.

    Any help you all could provide would be GREATLY appreciated.

    Thank you very much

    I own a small business where I have multiple laptops to compare. One of them for instance has an AMD ryzen 7 5800H CPU paired with a rtx3070. That laptop doesn't do much better than my all AMD MSI laptop. Having an i9 for instance is maybe enough for just sketchup and having a 30 series gpu surely helps with sketchup plus enscape but I can't come anywhere near being able to real-time render with high settings and process smoothly. The 3070 laptop version for instance has 8G vram which I wonder if it's the main culprit. Again, not only am I needing eketchup and enscape but also VR on top of it so it's just quite taxing.

    Additional comment in that Nvidia just announced the release of the 4xxx series of GPUs set to ship out next month to where maybe that's a logical timeproof option as well. Supposedly the mobile 4090 is on par with with desktop 3090! I still retain my question though of preference between AMD and Intel/NVidia or the potential of mixing the two with an AMD CPU but an nvidia GPU.

    Thanks again

    Hey all,

    I'm tech saavy but relatively new to Enscape so hoping somebody can help me with a specs related question. I have a beast of a desktop pc that runs sketchup, enscape and VR (Oculus Quest 2) very well but am looking to be able to go mobile. In general I'm looking at laptops with an i9, 32G of RAM and an nvidia GTX 3080 (16 vram). What i'm trying to solidify before buying is if a setup like this will do well with the same load of Sketchup, Enscape and VR. I understand that a laptop GPU is not on the same plane as a desktop one so just looking for first-hand, real-world input on if anybody has a similar setup and has had success? I'm sure cooling is one of the bigger factors with a laptop formfactor so let's assume I am using a quality cooling pad as well. I've considered laptops with AMD components but thus far i just haven't had the best of luck with them. My current MSI laptop (which I thought would do well) has a Ryzen 7 5800H CPU, 64G of RAM and a Radeon RX 6700M (10G vram) and it does really poorly.

    Any advice you all could provide would be greatly appreciated.