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    Hello! My firm is very slow to roll out updates, so I will likely not be able to test this for some time.

    However, I just wanted to say bravo and well done, an excellent slew of new and meaningful features!!!

    Though, I have to sneak in a nag as well, I will keep waiting for better reflections.

    Even if it was a checkbox in a material to say this material is special and deserves the extra processing and memory allocation required.

    It makes a big difference for glassy facades to see even a low resolution reflection of the model context, not just an empty skyline.

    Awesome work yall, keep the great updates coming :)

    +1 for this, finding a lot of my images with long views end up with big grey bands around the horizon that need attention in post.
    Would be great to be able to have control over a vertical offset of the enscape generated skybox

    have you tried the two point perspective? it allows you to pan the image up and down, and still keep vertical lines distortion free. Or am i missing the real problem here?

    Missing the problem by a bit, but its sort of a nuanced thing.

    In your proposed situation, the verticals are in fact 100% fine, that is true.

    However, the horizontals are changing constantly, as your horizon line and vanishing points move with the camera.

    What I am looking to achieve, was very well described by Travis D above me.

    It allows you to keep a fixed horizon line, vanishing point, and horizontal field of view while artificially extending or shifting the upper vertical extents of the image.

    While it sounds a little niche, its actually pretty common for my workflow in architectural rendering.

    A typical use case is wanting a 'eye height view' looking straight forward towards a set of doors, etc. While capturing lots of sky and very little pavement in the foreground.

    Thank you!

    I can certainly send the file along if we deem it to be helpful.

    In the meantime, I will put some information on the model and materials below:

    The model content in question is a very simple geometry.

    Its a closed polysurface (simple box) in Rhino with a thickness of 1/2"

    It is not currently divided between mullions, its one large pane with mullions overlapping its geometry.

    Here is an image of the scene, and the settings I have created for the glass texture.

    Not sure if I have seen it mentioned here yet...

    while not an enterprise level tool, Google Chrome's remote desktop service is completely free and seems to work very well with enscape.

    I have also been able to get it working in some windows RDP configurations, but not all.

    The two certainly do not want to play well together.

    Hello Enscape Community,

    I have been looking through some of the latest Enscape Showcase projects and have been really blown away.
    One thing I have noticed, is many of the images seem to have fantastically smooth rich shadows and tone.

    Looking back at my own renderings, I see a lot of issues with weird artifact/aliasing with illuminated glass.

    This scene for example, has some interior can lights, and an exterior sun entering the scene through a glass wall.

    On the glass itself, there is a repeating "jagged" or zig zag pattern forming in the self shadowing area below each mullion.

    Unrelated, but I am noticing many of the enscape proxies within the scene, like the furniture, seem to have almost no shadow underneath them as well.
    What could be causing this?

    I am having a hard time understanding if is a bug, an issue with my materials, or an issue with my lighting setup?

    Thanks for any insight you may be able to provide, it is greatly appreciated! :thumbsup:

    I think my vote may already be counted here, from over a year ago.

    But I wanted to pop back in and say that Displacement mapping remains my current #1 feature request.

    This is what is needed to take my renderings to the next level.

    Many other softwares have this support, and it goes a long way towards realism without burdening the modeler.


    Hello Enscapers,

    Another request here regarding asset placement in Revit.

    The way the assets are currently created, many of the 'ground-cover' type plantings are fixed on a horizontal plane.

    Because of the way the family and nested families are created, its hard to overcome this.

    The resulting issue is any slopes or hills can't properly host these assets, and end up being boring grassy planes.

    So, could we set these up in the future to be more flexible for things like rotation and hosting?


    Hello Enscapers,

    I often find myself in the following situation...

    My render/view is all set up, and I like the eye height and perspective of the scene as shown in Enscape.

    However, the extents of the image are capturing too much foreground, and not enough skybox!

    So, I could raise the camera height... but this affects perspective and horizon line...

    I could zoom out, but this also affects the content and feel of the scene, and doesn't change the proportions of foreground to sky.

    What I end up actually doing in these situations is rendering a "Tall" image, that has a larger vertical resolution than I want.

    I then go into photoshop and crop it back down to the desired aspect ratio, while offsetting the image to retain more sky.

    This adds a lot of extra steps and time, especially when doing multiple images, or multiple versions of a scene.

    So... I have buried the lead here, but can we have some sort of render frame offset feature?
    I imagine this is a simple slider or value input that shifts the safe frame so to speak up or down within the scene.


    I see. I'm afraid but, this should very well be a problem resolved with 2.6 or 2.7 already - in this case you can try a full clean re-install (if that is possible even) to see if it helps, otherwise maybe you have the chance to tell your department that an upgrade would be very vital? In general because I'm sure you want to use the new features as well.

    Yes, I am dying for the 2.7 update with orthographic projection!
    But alas, I will likely have to wait, I will bump this thread if, once updated, the problem persists.
    Until then I will assume its resolved in the latest version.


    +1 for this...

    Though, quixel is now owned at least in part by Unreal/Epic.
    And, they have a competing software in TwinMotion (UE4 based).

    So I would assume this one is a long shot. But I do also use the megascan/quixel material libraries.

    +1 for normal and/or displacement map support.

    In the meantime, I saw some talk earlier in the thread of adding a "_n" suffix.
    Does this work in sketchup? in Rhino? And where is that suffix containing normal map added, to the bump slot?


    Hello fellow Enscaper's

    I have been experiencing an issue with Enscape 2.5.1 and Rhino 6 SR21 (Unable to update at this time, sorry!)

    When using the 'Enscape Material' type, and modifying the material in the Enscape material editor, no material previews are updated.

    The materials still appear correctly within Enscape, but the material browser shows a generic preview for all of these assets.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue?