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    This will be fixed in the upcoming release / preview. It is only relates to fog in combination with transparent objects.

    This is great news, thanks for the constant updates and excellent communication.

    Out of curiosity, SkipFifth - what happens if you flip the car model (right to left hand drive... or visa versa)?

    I am sorry, but I am actually not sure how to do that? I assume you don't just mean mirroring the asset.

    Hello, different but possibly related issue?
    The taillights on some models seem to somehow cut through or negate the scene lighting. It is very noticeable and makes them a focus of any given view.

    Can you elaborate on how these would be used with enscape?
    Are they predefined materials? Or simply maps that can be assigned within the 3d software.

    For example, in Revit, I am not sure I understand how I would 'Load' a material like this.

    Other than creating a new material, and manually assigning maps and reflectivity values, etc.


    I would second this feature request and the general sentiment.
    This is exactly my experience as well in a Revit workflow, even with the shortcut mapped.