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    The assets in rhino work as blocks which is very convenient because they are lightweight elements that you can control with rhino scripts.

    To properly organize the enscape assets on a layer, use the "block edit command" on that asset, double click on the layer you want to move the asset to and select "change object to layer".

    Hope this helps.

    Hey Clemens,

    Adjusting the fog worked. Thanks for your quick reply.

    Since I have your attention, thank you guys so much for making such a kick ass rendering software.

    Its amazing how much Enscape keeps improving and how you guys listen to all our feedback.

    It has changed my whole entire architecture career (for the better) and has made my life so much easier.

    Water is not appearing in Enscape for rhino 6. It worked before the update, but now it just shows an invisible solid.

    this 100%.

    I love the asset library in enscape and was rejoicing when you all did the big update.

    it would be great if designers could make their own people or customize the ones available.

    diversity and specific users (doctors, office workers, chefs) really help tell a story and bring an image to life.

    this would be an amazing feature to have. the current run throughs seem like you froze time (like quicksilver in X-Men).

    having wind / birds / or npc animation would be incredible.