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    I'm just curious if the material of the cabinet is changed like that, the length of the grass is added, the tree in front of the house is also with other models, not wanting to compare but just curious as to what, but the building is quite satisfying. I almost forgot, you can add 1% line rendering setting to outsmart the depth of white objects. Picture below only example. You can see the different with 1% and 0% line rendering when you zoom out it almost make more clear picture. Not compareing the shadow and compare to different picture. i just want to show when you use the 1% line rendering it will make a different please try it.

    wow amazing, is this pure enscape rendered?

    i like the vegetation like palm tree, the tree near the pool, and the grass too. can you give me a tips to get that objects where i can get it/buy?

    did you use hdri skybox too? the light atmosfer so realism.. OMG

    if you dont mind please share the hdri file, grass texture, and the tree (palm tree, the tree near the pool) please or give me the link it so real;(

    the flow of camera is very good, maybe you can add fade transition between scene (in your movie editor), and then you can change for the otherside building with only picture since they are outside focus, maybe a real photograph of any situation like apartmen, hotel or scenery.. so it will make more realism.. you can search such a free photo, cheers.. good work! keep trying..

    i think you can make the exposure lower (not to use auto exposure/uncheck the auto exposure option) so the white wall color not to much bright, and also you can see how high the Light View to see how much the red area (over exsposure) in your render view, if to much red it will look like your first picture above.

    you can see in this post to learn something for more better


    Did you used the line lights object on the top? or the emissive material?

    i also request the settings to share (yes i also turn off the auto exposure and auto contrast settings) but it is hard to meet like this ;(

    Hi enscape team,

    #1 - When I make a video and add a few keyframes, I get too busy to determine the duration between frames, sometimes between frames one and two are too long, then the second and third frames are too fast, and this is troublesome but I find a possible solution, the keyframe that I circled in yellow in the picture can be made flexible can be sliding right and left so that the impact makes it easy to quickly adjust the duration between frames. thank you

    #2 - For the Shaky camera fx, may be there is an option to input how shaky the camera?

    #3 - can you make a "Preview" button move to another position, because i accidentaly click "Remove all" button when i want to make a preview and then it ruins all the hard job ;( and start again. Or... you can ask user with a message box that ask it before delete all keyframe, so it will prevent this situation

    #4 can you make a short cut for UNDO the last add keyframe? so i dont need to click the last keyframe and delete it

    i think thats all now, thank you for make enscape better and better good luck :thumbsup:

    i dont know it is may be funny for everyone. I repeatedly clicked wrong icon, because of this cube icon of the same color, shape. I don't know if it happened to someone else?

    Because of the rush I repeatedly thought it was the same icon (damn i'm wrong :D).

    I only suggest to change the icon to edit the Enscape Object maybe with another symbol as long as it's not the same as the Enscape Start Icon because when Enscape is running it still reloads, so it can't be checked first if Enscape is running then there's no need to load reset? (every time i clicked wrong icon then it will reloading, i is make me frustating because loading take a time you know..) thank you

    Are there plans to make an Augmented Reality for the next version? Only need to display a simple house exterior in the top of a brochure like in the example.

    It seems that many have asked for it since 2018 but I see no update at all even for the plan in version 2.7

    Without degrading technology virtual reality and panorama which is very helpful. Looks like it could be a great breakthrough if you can make it happen in 2020. I think even though it is not with full material support (because it requires the longest possible programming) this is really not only helpful but powerfull (with many facility on Enscape to export final work) if you can add this ability as soon as possible.

    For the full image click below:

    Augmented Reality Exterior House Design View above the brochure

    What is in my mind might be like this:

    1. There is a special menu such as when creating a panorama (manage uploads menu) or in the Enscape Settings menu, we can enter a barcode / picture marker there. And also can see 3D objects that have been exported in the menu.

    2. Creating an android viewer application that can detect signs/marker to see the 3D object on a real world (on the top a brochure like example above)

    I really appreciate your response and I think all friends who have been expecting this feature since 2018. Thank You

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    For everyone that failed install enscape, i used "revo uninstaller". And then right click on Enscape installer file then choose install with revo uninstaller in right click menu. Everything is okay. done good. may be the problem is on enscape packager not your computer.

    2.5.2 still happen. Need to move a little bit light object up or down left or right and back to normal. Sometimes move render quality down too, sometimes move the atmosfeer slider left or right make it normal too. And also restart Enscape, bug is gone. But when we move our position to other place my house object it will happen again :( so i need re-restart again..

    and as you see in that picture when i rendering it in panorama it happen again but when in realtime preview before there is ok no bug, after rendering end, the realtime preview will show this bug so i need to move light object and bug gone again. Repeat rendering.. if i lucky the bug wint show.. but if no lucky i'll try again move the light and so on.. ans so on.. until rendering dont have this bug 😔😔😔