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    Dari semarang saya. Ow, berarti tanaman-tanaman selain pohon ga ada yang bergerak ya ?


    I'm from Semarang. Ow, that means there are no plants other than trees moving right?

    Saya di Bdg. Ga ada yg bergerak bro, gak kyk Lumion bs ada animasinya. Ada plugin buat animasi di sketchup cari aja di warehouse. Atau coba moving component klo ga salah skethup versi terbaru. Tapi gak tau di rendernya bisa gerak apa gak belum coba.


    Yup thats right, Try out animation plugin for skethup browse it on ekstention manager, or you can try sketchup moving component in a new version. i have not try it at all also on rendering process what it is look like. Or you can try twinmotion there is much feature for animation like tree ages, people animation, car etc but you wont have a good quality render image hahah.. it depend on your needs, animation or good quality. using Lumion is not so simple on make lights it make me frustating when you have limited time but Enscape is winner for fastest production to make a presentation for client since they wanted a fast result so you need fast produciton, fast render with lots of result image, fast post production and fast payment in the final isnt it? hahaha except you have much time or such as a hobby you can try Lumion to satisfy yourself

    Not something we have planned at the moment, but it's still a rather demanded request to which I've gladly added your upvote.

    What CPU/GPU is built into your system? Please also make sure that your graphics card drivers are fully up to date. Also, you can try lowering the "Rendering Quality" in the Main tab of our Visual Settings. That may perhaps help with the placement performance too.

    ankush lakhera for big area/site you can try use proxy type object. my house is full of interior, grass, and every detail objectand using proxy for mass tree in the outdoor and still have a good performance. BUT if u doest use a proxy type you will have serious problem (lag) event if you only have 10 big tree.

    Use this free random tools plugin tu make a random place an Enscape proxy tree


    Or if you have your own 3d model, you can make a proxy in Enscape Custom 3d Assets.

    org mana kmu andro hihi ga semua gerak cuma pohon yang eksterior aja, interior gak. Yang eskterior juga gak semuanya, tapi phon yang besar-besar gerak daunnya.


    not all the tree, but if you choose from gallery almost all for eksterior move but interior plant cant.

    As hardware, especially GPU's get better and better this may actually be implemented to work in real-time, or at least something similar providing equal results quality-wise. :) For now, no further information I can share really.

    I am very enthusiastic about "something similar providing equal results" :love: but there is no need to be too hasty as i said in another thread the reflections or baking light improvement is more importance

    It appears this is not only a limitation of Enscape, but other real-time renderers. The solution offered up by Lumion (…ement-maps-lumion-10.html) would seem to apply here as well. If you need the added detail, spend the time modeling the extra detail in the area you want to focus on to help sell the realism. I think the new displacement is a great addition to selling the realism, but understand it's not modifying the geometry of my model, so I can't expect it to add 3-Dimensional information. It's a slight of hand trick that is computationally light and gets us 90% of the way to sell the idea.

    Thank you for this amazing information of that lumion page :love: it is very usefull tips. I did not see the lumion blog post because i only see it on their youtube video so i dont have fully information about this "Displacement" feature that they have, so now i knew it, it has a tricky behind it too,.

    +1 for PNG Renders with Transparent Backgrounds

    am i too late?? ;( i've not try ii again. Already have? Demian Gutberlet


    i have the BW rendered image 4k (in 100% Depth) and set into photoshop as masking channel

    and this is what i've got. i did not retouch anyting i've only copy and paste that the rendered depth file and made a mask layer, so i think the problem is on the Depth material image that Enscape done is not very good made even though i've set it to 100% depth, i dont know if it can be improving in the next update so i can make my main rendered image have a good transparancy. Thank You.

    I've upgraded to the latest NVIDIA 1070 GTX GPU driver try everything option in preset settings include on and off RTX option

    and back to try 3.1.0-preview.3+42370 and the problem mirror reflections still there.

    Since i have Win 10 OS that have a latest update version and above minimum vram requirements. Please consider for Enscape dev team to test again the reflections issue.

    1. Mirror Reflections

    2. Background White still have sky if we saw in the mirror

    3. Why in 2.8 version have a better rendered image it must be something out there wrong when you update the code about reflections?

    4. If we see a mirror into the mirror like in my image the reflections the second image is gone (only white)

    5. The proxy object can not be seen in the mirror (i used the tree from Enscape library and spread it in the ground) but i cant see the tree in the mirror.

    The mirror on the wardrobe does not have reflections, the sky still exist if we look into the mirror but i have the white background check.

    i have grass and proxy tree from enscape library you can see it through the window but i can not see my grass and all of tree if we look into the mirror in the wardrobe its only green

    Thankyou and sorry for my english ;( this is not my complain issue, i love Enscape rather than render enggine out there, I rely on this program hoping a lot to be better

    i do not know this is a bad or a good news, in the 2.8 version surprisingly have almost better rendered ;(


    Below the image when i have 16gb RAM 8gb GPU RAM, same preset because i save that.

    and below is now when i have 8gb RAM 8gb GPU RAM and yes still have the same preset setting


    Below the image when i have 16gb RAM 8gb GPU RAM, same preset because i save that.

    and below is now when i have 8gb RAM 8gb GPU RAM and yes still have the same preset setting

    this is another test with 2.8v used 8gb RAM and 8gb GPU RAM and only have Enscape render window adn only 1 sketchup too.


    So i dont know the problem is because my lack of RAM?? But wait may be the problem is from Camera Field of View. i tried play with it when i play with it the pillow in the mirror changing circumstances. I also make sun 0% so i only have artificial and ambient brightnes 100%


    This is my PC condition now so embarrassing with lack of RAM ;(


    i'll be back with 3.1.0-preview.3+42370 and the same interior i', still confuse why 2.8 have better reflections although in some situation also nnot have a complete rendered object (texture gone half or full texture gone) i dont know if the darker area have an impact to the texture. As i said i'll be back with 3.1.0v to make a test. If the problem still there, well i have to consider upgrade "again" my RAM in this pandemic situation and have financial problem ;(;(;(

    Rendered in 2.9 with RTX Off, Upsampling Off, Autoresolution Off, Ambient Light 100%

    The Background is white but rendered in the mirror still have a sky

    The white curtain is darker but yes it is white color (i have light in the room, the ambient light also 100%)

    The flower in fornt of the mirror not 100% rendered

    as you can see the sky not rendered in white backgound in the mirror but in real window i have the white background

    and also another object like lamp or bed and pillow not completed rendered

    the lamp is gone, the bed also not completed rendered

    Here it is a view not from a mirror everything is okay


    Well now i've to roll back to 2.8 version too to test it since when i have 16gb RAM i can open 4 sketchup and 2 Enscape render window plus 1 photoshop :D and everything still done very fast but now i only can open 1 sketchup and 1 render window ;(

    i'll be back with 2.8 version render image later.

    Here is 3.1.0-preview.3+42370 but the problem still existed

    i tried to make a camera close to the mirror everyting okay but the far object as you can see still have a problem.

    my lamp is gone, the half of bad is black, the chair gone too.

    the camera move in front of the mirror everything is okay again, the far object, my bed as you can see bad rendered and the lamp is gone

    i'll roll back to 2.9 and i'll be back again. i dont know if lack of my memory make a problem? i have 8gb RAM and 8gb 1070 NVIDIA GPU RAM, when i use 2.9 version i have 16gb RAM and 8gb GPU RAM, but when i using the 3 version my RAM have a problem and only use one memory that have 8gb. I have not try with RTX option unchecked.

    Hi team, this mirror reflection problem come with new 3.0.1 update. I dont have this problem with 2.8

    Rendered image with ultra realtime view and HD rendered.JPG

    In the realtime i dont see the lamp, the bed with pillow, sometimes the curtain in the window too. But when i render i can see this BUT the chair still not rendered

    This room have light, ambient light set to 50% and i tried set it to 100% still have a problem. And set to ultra realtime view too.

    Demian Gutberlet

    In the picture above i saw a collision here sandal with carpet am i right? i dont know in the future update Enscape will have this. When we have a ball in the grass, so the grass will not grow above the ball right? :D

    Can we have a collision effect in Enscape? Demian Gutberlet it is usefull as an example when we have i plant in front of the wall and the leaf can be seen behind wall too. But if the Enscape have a collision i hope this leaf of the plant can cut automatically.

    Hi do you know the DDS Texture compression from NVIDIA? i dont know if we can implemented it with Enscape because the Lumion already supported the DDS Texture file (not only JPG, PNG). It can handle 8K with small size but still have detail with amazing result you can see at the video link below.

    I saw in this video

    How To Get Super Sharp Displacement Maps

    The DDS Texture File Exporter

    NVDIA Official Texture DDS Exporter

    Demian Gutberlet

    this question is valid :thumbup: - yes, it's a little nice to have "1/2"-displacement, as long as you fiddle around with the camera setting for so long that you avoid seeing the next corner. But once this comes into the picture, it is embarrassing only ;) and not useful for me like that...

    hahaha.. yes thats the point. The only one trick is hide this edge with another object like make a grass beside it or the camera not ponting to close ^^

    That is tessellated displacement which is not supported by SketchUp or Enscape.

    Thanks for this information. But with vray we can check the "Continous option" so the Displacement Edge will look 3D not flat. I dont know if we can get the same result wtih "realtime" rendering engine like Enscape in the future release. i'll wait for the official answer Demian Gutberlet

    Youtube Link:

    The Displacement Edge Sketchup with Vray

    i understood why Enscape separated this, but how if user have all texture maps and want to combine there to see the result

    at the material menu at Height i just can only set one type, I want to use all this type to combine effect.

    (Texture from Poliigon so i have a complete type of texture image like albedo, displacement, etc)


    This is my Displacement map:

    This is my Normal map set tp 200%

    This is my Bump map

    +1 +1 +1

    Please update next a better carpet. Thank you.

    i just guess the empty edge is just prepared by developer for the rotate carpet like picture below (in every edge of carpet) but it is not yet implemented in this version :D i hope that ready in the next update.