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    Here is 3.1.0-preview.3+42370 but the problem still existed

    i tried to make a camera close to the mirror everyting okay but the far object as you can see still have a problem.

    my lamp is gone, the half of bad is black, the chair gone too.

    the camera move in front of the mirror everything is okay again, the far object, my bed as you can see bad rendered and the lamp is gone

    i'll roll back to 2.9 and i'll be back again. i dont know if lack of my memory make a problem? i have 8gb RAM and 8gb 1070 NVIDIA GPU RAM, when i use 2.9 version i have 16gb RAM and 8gb GPU RAM, but when i using the 3 version my RAM have a problem and only use one memory that have 8gb. I have not try with RTX option unchecked.

    Hi team, this mirror reflection problem come with new 3.0.1 update. I dont have this problem with 2.8

    Rendered image with ultra realtime view and HD rendered.JPG

    In the realtime i dont see the lamp, the bed with pillow, sometimes the curtain in the window too. But when i render i can see this BUT the chair still not rendered

    This room have light, ambient light set to 50% and i tried set it to 100% still have a problem. And set to ultra realtime view too.

    Demian Gutberlet

    In the picture above i saw a collision here sandal with carpet am i right? i dont know in the future update Enscape will have this. When we have a ball in the grass, so the grass will not grow above the ball right? :D

    Can we have a collision effect in Enscape? Demian Gutberlet it is usefull as an example when we have i plant in front of the wall and the leaf can be seen behind wall too. But if the Enscape have a collision i hope this leaf of the plant can cut automatically.

    Hi do you know the DDS Texture compression from NVIDIA? i dont know if we can implemented it with Enscape because the Lumion already supported the DDS Texture file (not only JPG, PNG). It can handle 8K with small size but still have detail with amazing result you can see at the video link below.

    I saw in this video

    How To Get Super Sharp Displacement Maps

    The DDS Texture File Exporter

    NVDIA Official Texture DDS Exporter

    Demian Gutberlet

    this question is valid :thumbup: - yes, it's a little nice to have "1/2"-displacement, as long as you fiddle around with the camera setting for so long that you avoid seeing the next corner. But once this comes into the picture, it is embarrassing only ;) and not useful for me like that...

    hahaha.. yes thats the point. The only one trick is hide this edge with another object like make a grass beside it or the camera not ponting to close ^^

    i understood why Enscape separated this, but how if user have all texture maps and want to combine there to see the result

    at the material menu at Height i just can only set one type, I want to use all this type to combine effect.

    (Texture from Poliigon so i have a complete type of texture image like albedo, displacement, etc)


    This is my Displacement map:

    This is my Normal map set tp 200%

    This is my Bump map

    +1 +1 +1

    Please update next a better carpet. Thank you.

    i just guess the empty edge is just prepared by developer for the rotate carpet like picture below (in every edge of carpet) but it is not yet implemented in this version :D i hope that ready in the next update.

    agree, its a pretty simple fix for now, while we wait for a whole new grass system (like lumion, hint hint ;) )

    :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup: i like when you said the "L" software :P i'm waiting too maybe anyone can hack simple tricky like this

    Hi ElZoel! We are not currently actively developing support for AR headsets. Generally, the quality is a blocker for us. The visual quality of AR headsets doesn’t meet our standards (low res, narrow FOV, non-vibrant colors). We would have to lower the performance and quality of Enscape to a degree that we do not want to do at this point. Obviously as the technology develops, we will continuously evaluate the feasibility of supporting AR in the future. However, I’ve upvoted the existing feature request for AR on your behalf.

    That being said, we are planning a feature like the one you have described with the brochure; essentially we would like to offer an inverted/object panorama that would allow you to achieve something like the effect in the picture you uploaded. Unfortunately, it will not be released with the forthcoming version 2.7, but we do hope to release it with a future version.

    Thanks for the feedback! :)

    Sorry for late reply :)

    "..We are planning a feature like the one you have described with the brochure" thank you very much!

    i knew the VR Enscape technology is very helped marketing team as an example in some house exhibition event. But also when in some exhibition there is a brochure as you know the brochure number is more than the number of computers available at the event so everyone will take more brochure. With that situation we knew everyone also have mobile phone too, so in that situation there is an opportunity to show something good too, an example is like the one I showed above the AR technology so everyone can see to with "Enscape AR viewer" :)

    Except the VR Enscape tech can be seen with android :thumbsup: am I the one who doesn't know? or does it not support Android?

    As an example client can walk inside the house in the real empty land area that the house will build exept climbing up the stairs :D but he can choose 1st floor or second floor in the first menu or different file


    Enscape grass and trees are not high quality enough for close up shots!!

    +1 i hope realy.. realy..hope, Enscape 3.0 have new improvement for grass and plants (new look and color quality) so we dont need to add much 3d grass object and use another plugin to spread. Please make improvement in 2021 since others software render above have this quality grass before 2020 :( and its realy amazing for exterior render. I can add plants in post procesing to help more realistic but please make a grass more improvement...;(  Demian Gutberlet you said you have something similar thing like Laubwerk, you have said in the past post to me..

    It's fantastic to have the settings in the Enscape UI, but please also keep them in SketchUp. Sometimes you want to do some edits without Enscape is running. Please also copy the material editor to the Enscape UI so you can easily tweak materials from inside the render. Of course don't remove the material editor from SketchUp just give the opportunity to edit from Enscape render window.