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    glad to hear that! always check "Reverse face" like grass texture it is always annoying if you did not reverse it (to change the same texture below and above) it will show in render window even not in the top of texture but it is not a hard problem but if you can make it enscape "automatic grass code to disable" in the next version update maybe Demian Gutberlet

    i always used 1% Outline JDoyle and it have a great image in the result but i always do Offset too (maybe 1-2cm) and do Push (1-2cm) if make such cabinet doors to make each others separated not only have line but it will look like 3D object too ;)

    harinat.siriwan , please make sure to apply the texture to both faces/sides, then it should also be displayed in the mirror correctly. :) Please kindly get back to me in case this procedure does not resolve your issue at hand.

    i think it is true, the problem come from the floor (since the color is the same), or maybe you have two object, like first floor and second floor with different material it will make flickering in render window. Try to "Reverse Face" to check it and fill it with the same Floor material.

    Please try use material code "Metal" and then in the material setting Roughnes 0% and Metalic 100% so it will be a mirror, i'm curious why it happen..

    and set it a yellow material in the top of room to Self Ilumination and set it to Maximum it will tricky look like Line of LED Light :D since Enscape still have problem with Line Light Object hmmm..

    Setting transparancy (or Opacity below 95%) always make it black, but if you set above 95% it will help a little this is only trick dont know with others. This happen with my curtain too

    Is this only me or others problem too? i want to make animation video and image together combined (compose in other video editor software)

    the problem is my video rendered more darker rather than my image rendered (the same location, same number of light, same day time)

    i Try render in lossless quality the result still the same with maximum quality the different only the lossless is in PNG image sequence but still darker (same with my mp4)

    but when i render only one image the light is true what i want.

    Demian Gutberlet is this bug or not?

    Too much layer, too much interior object in every room. And the main purpose is, i wanna make one object only rendered (edit in movie editor to make background hide), i want to make animation object show up like slide or show in motion in every room. Like this animation in this video:

    i dont want to uses 3Dmax or Maya or other software to make motion like that, i love sketchup and enscape :love:

    Hi Enscape Team.

    Let me tell you a little about the problems that exist. I will make an animation in a room full of objects.


    One by one the objects appear in my video, of course I do this in my editor software (not enscape). To do that I need every object in my room to be rendered. The only way is for me to hide one object at a time in the room to be rendered. I succeeded by doing that method but because the room was only one because there were so many rooms in a house, it was very tiring even though it worked.


    There is one method in Sketchup when I select the View-Component Edit-Hide Rest Of Model menu

    Then all the objects disappear in the skectup, but all of these objects still appear in the Enscape rendering window. What I'm asking is whether it is possible in the Enscape window to be like what appears in Sketchup (only what I choose appears) ??


    Problems using the Hide and Unhide methods greatly affect the memory GPU can not be fast. But strangely, if you use the View-Component Edit-Hide Rest of Model method, it is very fast, but unfortunately in the Enscape window he still raises all objects unlike the Hide and Unhide method.


    I hope that in the future Enscape supports the Hide Rest Of Model method, for example by activating a button (Render Only Selected)

    Thank you Demian Gutberlet and others :thumbup:

    Hi, Enscape team.

    I have followed the enscape survey, I want to ask one of my input for enscape as I wrote at the time of the survey. Will the display for editing the video keyframe as I suggested this be updated in the next enscape? Until now to edit keyframes is still too complicated. I propose a very simple method that is only by sliding the keyframe back and forth and enscape can update the time automatically. I have difficulty speeding up and slowing down every keyframe. I have to open one by one, open and back again, it's complicated.


    Hi enscape team,

    #1 - When I make a video and add a few keyframes, I get too busy to determine the duration between frames, sometimes between frames one and two are too long, then the second and third frames are too fast, and this is troublesome but I find a possible solution, the keyframe that I circled in yellow in the picture can be made flexible can be sliding right and left so that the impact makes it easy to quickly adjust the duration between frames. thank you

    #2 - For the Shaky camera fx, may be there is an option to input how shaky the camera?

    #3 - can you make a "Preview" button move to another position, because i accidentaly click "Remove all" button when i want to make a preview and then it ruins all the hard job ;( and start again. Or... you can ask user with a message box that ask it before delete all keyframe, so it will prevent this situation

    #4 can you make a short cut for UNDO the last add keyframe? so i dont need to click the last keyframe and delete it

    i think thats all now, thank you for make enscape better and better good luck :thumbsup: