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    Is there any chance that the field of view/focal length would be adjustable in camera settings instead of visual preset? am I the only one who finds it incredibly impractical? same with the "perspective/orthogonal and 2pt perspective" switch

    everytime Im trying to set up view I have to constantly switch between camera settings and visual settings... resulting for need having different visual setting for every view. it also clash with the fact that views in rhino do have the focal length attribute within the camera/view setting?
    are there any benefits of having these setting in visual settings? thank you and have a nice day

    Is there a way ho to get rid of these edges not allowing show shadows nearby?

    I'm experiencing it quite often, and I tried all kind off different settings. everything is maxed up, but this keeps happening when i hit the "screenshot"/"render" button

    it looks normal in the enscape viewport

    thank you :)