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    There is at least one company now that is spamming offering fully CGI Matterport tours on the usual Matterport forums. From what I can tell the workflow involves rendering individual panos and then using the Android version of Matterport Capture to upload them as "scans". It sounds totally unsupported, but I think it's a great idea.

    3DVista looks like a great alternative to Matterport, for sure. I guess the goal here is greater integration... one place (or at least fewer places) to store and view project information throughout the design and construction phases. And Matterport has the best client-side user experience, in my opinion... something that has clearly not been a huge priority for Autodesk.

    Matterport appears to be very open to integration with independent cloud services all along the design-build-market project timeline. What I haven't found is a way to add high quality rendered design imagery, and it seems Enscape would be a great way to do that.

    As a Matterport customer I would love to have a "render to Matterport" workflow from Enscape. I have no idea if such a thing is feasible; I'm just dreaming.

    • user manually places instances of special "scan point" asset to indicate panorama locations
    • user clicks a button to batch render all panoramas and upload them directly to their existing Matterport account
    • once a project is under construction, real-life Matterport captures can be obtained and compared with the Enscape-rendered tour(s)

    I've had experience with other "panorama tour" options, but Matterport has been the easiest and most robust for me as a content author, and more importantly provides the best end-user experience for clients and project stakeholders (in my opinion).

    Often I'm tasked with rendering projects where there hasn't been a lot of Revit material hygiene, or any care put into the graphics or appearance properties of the materials. I'd find it super useful if we could leave most of the materials "white" but render a handful with colors, textures, etc. Perhaps we could use a custom material parameter in Revit to set the Rendering Style Mode on a per-material basis?