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    They look like the final product as they render. Its almost as if they are not maintaining a consistent starting exposure value from the first frame and it resets per frame.
    Using Enscape 2.5.2.

    I've tried it on different computers as well as I just got an upgraded graphics card should that be the issue. But it keeps occuring within that project.

    Other files don't seem to have an issue.

    This file does have a large linked in revit file though, thats the only thing I can think of that differentiates it from my typical Enscape usage.

    I’m working on compiling some 360 Panoramas and am coming across the problem where there are noticeable drops in brightness across each zone of the 360 process as shown here:…6e-46e8-89f2-0ff4e52aa4c6

    I’ve tried turning auto exposure up, off, focusing on a dark area for it to base it off of but am not having any luck.

    The dark zones also appear to change location depending on these settings, but don’t fully disappear.