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    One feature that would really bring Enscape to real-world standards is incorporating animation features. Start off with some simple basic "keyframe" in timeline. So that we can do simple things like door opening, lights turning on/off, cars moving along a path etc... Cause even a relatively low-cost renderer like D5 is able to do it.

    Once we have basic stuff done, I would really love to see "Flowing" water! Like from a shower or tap! And even TV turning on and off!! It'll add so much more immersion and ambience/reality to my projects.

    Please Enscape, I've been using you for years but I really need to up my game!

    Hi, would like to request adding people assets with them interacting with objects like....

    People pressing lift buttons.

    People opening doors.

    People using kitchen appliances. e.g Microwave, coffee maker, fridge etc...

    People working on laptops.

    Basically not just standing around but doing everyday tasks...


    I've just received my Oculus Quest and have tested it for a few hours in a large open space.... I just want to say....

    IT WAS AWESOME!:love:

    I can so imagine bring a bunch of clients, put the quest on them and they can walk around in true roomscale VR.

    The image quality and ease of use, plus NO PC needed really makes this the most exciting VR headset for us who wants to bring VR into a conference room! The cost and convenience without needing a VR-ready laptop really makes this economically possible for multiple users!

    C'mon Enscape, get cracking on it PLEASE! It will change the VR business landscape entirely.:)