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    Is there a way or guide to know the light limitations for escape on the rhino?

    I found out that spotlights have a cone angle limit, 50 or something like that is the maximum value, even if you try to increase the angle this doesn't work, also if you try to modify the cone angle height these won't work

    In the case of the linear light I know that the limit is 3 meters in length

    Rectangular lights also have some issues, but it's hard to figure out what the maximum dimension is for these lights.

    How can we know the exact parameters for lighting?

    Same problem here, we have a pc with a RTX 3070 and the oculus conected via USB cable and the quality we see in the oculus its very poor, grainy and fuzzy, is there any problem or are these the maximum quality enscape can offer trogh oculus?


    what about the quality of the image?, I have tested the oculus quest 2 and the quality is really bad compared to what I see in the PC, I have a RTX 3070