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    Hey guys,

    iam using enscape 3.5 for vectorworks 2023. I am trying to get a render in a ortografic view. If i change the Perspective in Enscape from 2point to ortografic i cant see anything, just white. If i use the ortografice view in vwx and want to watch this in enscape, the same happens, the workarea is just white. Do you have any idea how i can see my model in a ortografic view?

    Thank you,


    Hey Guys,

    i installed the newest Enscape version for my vwx2023 SP2 R1. So far it worked, that i could include the Enscape workpalet to my vwx surface. But, if i open Enscape in a new window i cant see my vwx model, there is nothing, just sky and grey underground.

    Do you have a idea what the problem could be?