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    Hi Damo,

    Thanks for your insight and sorry for the delayed reply. Had to put this down for a while.

    I'll keep those possible issues in mind.

    In this case I don't think it's either of those though.

    The first time I noticed this was with a physical luminaire but when I was trying to isolate the issue I created a family solely with the light source / IES file without any body, not nested etc. and still same problem. So fairly convinced it's something to do with the IES file itself.

    Still none the wiser on this one unfortunately.

    If anyone has come across this before would be very happy to have your comments.

    Hi Demian,

    I'll send over the model for you to look at.

    I did revisit the raw IES file and I think I might know where the issue is coming from.

    Of the luminaires which were causing issues, there was an adjustment factor applied to the Candela Multiplier, so I've amended these back to 1 and they work fine now.

    See below images of what works fine and what doesn't work.

    I've labelled them good and bad, but really they're both fine. Applying a Candela Multiplier is very common for when a manufacturer has a suite of the same luminaire operating at different currents for various luminous fluxes. It's easier to apply a Candela Multipler than re-photometer the whole luminaire when you know that the photometric web will be relative with a higher intensity.

    It may just be a translation error in the way that Enscape reads the info.

    At least this fixed it but it may not be the entirety of the issue. I appreciate you looking into it.

    Hi All,

    This is my first time playing around with Enscape.

    I've started a little art gallery scene and started placing luminaires around.

    The linear LED strip I used in the cabinet is 900lm/m and this is showing up nicely and fairly realistic.

    The track spots unfortunately are being rendered as if they were each small suns.

    The interior of my building is going full white-out even though the 2x different track spots are 2200lm and 1500lm each.

    This render is using only 8x spotlights in an 8m tall by 30m room cavity.

    Even when I make it full daylight, these little lights are over-powering the sun.

    This picture with full white-out is also with the lights set to 1% in the 'Light Brightness' Slider of Enscape.

    (Also, none of these lights are aimed directly at camera, it is all in-direct reflectance).

    I've checked the raw photometric file of these lights and there's no issue with them.

    Could anybody suggest what the issue might be, or any work-arounds?