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    Hi, I have been using Enscape for a while and I loving it. After 2.5 I noticed that the scale inside the VR fela bit off.

    For example the celling is at 2.6m in the model but in the VR it feels lower. I measure with a tape and its about 2.4m.

    Anyone had this issue?;(;(;(;(;(;(

    Hi, Im using a 1070 and I have some quality issues with night scenes, the shadows arent nice enough and there is some pixeling in the scene in general.

    I mostly do VR and renders or videos are secondary.

    I plan to upgrade my GPU if that solve those problems im having.

    My 3 options are 1080ti, 2080 and 2080ti, does it worth buying the 2080ti or buy any of the others and upgrade it sooner? Or the 2080ti really improves the VR that much to really be the only choice?