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    Clemens Musterle Thanks so much for the reply.

    I have not tried version 3.5 yet in VR. You are right, the goal would be for noise to be reduced significantly in VR. Do you recommend Ultra for VR?

    Is there a clear distinction for the different rendering modes: Basic, Medium, High, and Ultra? If there is some verbiage on these options? If there is, I can let my team members know this for better usage in design and presentations. Thanks

    Hello all,

    It would be amazing if there was a way to export a "baked" or a completely rendered model version as an exe file. The end goal is seeing the model in VR with a completely baked and rendered model where there would be very limited noise and all textures and lighting are rendered to the model's Visual Settings. I understand that any editing would be unavailable but the upside is that everything is completely rendered, which would up the VR quality 10x.

    Is this possible?


    Thanks so much for beginning to allow adjustability in Enscape assets. With this ability now, it would be great if the selected asset only had a orange highlight around the edge of the asset rather than the entire asset. This way we can see the different materials as we click through the different options rather than the orange glow.

    As you can see in the image below, I cannot tell what the material option really looks like as I cycle through them due to the orange selection highlight. I would have to apply changes first to see if I like the material. That small change would help out a lot as more assets become adjustable. Thanks!

    Easy, fast, predictable and iterative. Predictable and iterative are missing from most tools - it's usually all or nothing iteration. For a start, I would desire the ability to use a text prompts across a selection of views and batch export the results. Guiding the designer would help remove complexity; perhaps a "beginner" mode with separate panels asking for useful information 1) Location 2) Time of Day 3) Style 4) Materials. A more advanced mode would only require a single panel for prompts. The ability to save / load / share prompts. The ability to script batch rendering in terms of multiple prompts, view and save the results. Thx!

    I think "predictability" or precision is key in the arch viz field. Right now, it's difficult for ai to know what needs to stay (walls and floors) and what can be adjusted or changed (materials, time, or furniture). Until there is a controllable level of precision or "predictability" on what being iterated, it will be difficult or just time consuming to use ai for arch viz.

    Now that ai is officially out of the bottle and evolving fast, where does ai fit within Enscape? I am curious how the Enscape and Chaos team are discussing how to use this within their software.

    What are everyone's thoughts on this topic?

    Even if you submit a feedback report without actively running into this again we should still receive any log files we require to at least let you know why Enscape crashes on your machine - If you could send one in if you haven't yet, please do so as detailed here.

    I cannot give a specific release date yet, but you can expect our full release of Enscape 3.5 in about 2-3 months. Beforehand we'll release further previews as well of course.

    Yeah that sounds great. A general timeline like 2-3 months always helps witheveryone's schedule. Thanks!

    I requested this over a year ago in this thread here:
    Long Grass Materials

    It would be great if there were different grass "materials" in the grass material type. A dropdown menu maybe or start adding them to their Enscape material list.

    ***My overall point is that grass is so widely used in renderings that perfecting that single asset would greatly improve Enscape for everyone. Enscape's grass though has not been overhauled since launch, which is discouraging.


    Please just improve and update the grass PNG image in the next update. It would be a start.

    Please and thank you.

    With Enscape V-Ray compatibility happening, it would be great if we got a separate showcase of users rendering's using V-Ray with Enscape.

    More discussion on workflow and process work be very helpful for beginners on how they use Enscape and V-Ray together. Thanks

    We have our own "custom assets" that are not through the Enscape editor but proxied to links on our own server. Vray does not read those links, but will only read the Enscape assets. It would take a lot of work to exchange those assets or load the high poly models, which would extremely slow down the model. Maybe this will get fixed post Beta?

    Hello everyone,

    It was announced on August 25th that V-Ray 6.0 will have Enscape Compatibility. Their website states:

    "Introducing the most powerful visualization workflow in the AEC industry. With V-Ray 6, you can transfer your real-time scenes from Enscape and continue building on your work to take it to the highest possible level of photorealism.

    With support for Enscape materials, 3D models, and lights, V-Ray ensures that all design decisions are kept throughout the project development stages and collaboration between designers and visualization specialists goes as smoothly as ever before.

    No dead ends. No starting over. A seamless end-to-end design process."

    Is there anything more from the Enscape team that you can share with us? Thanks