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    Very cool! Thank you Demian!

    Hello everyone,

    archiCAD is an extremely convenient and familiar software for technical people, especially those working in the mechanical field. This is really a very useful tool to assist in their work, I wonder if this software is easy to use? Hope everyone let me know.

    Thanks everyone.


    I've been using ArchiCAD for about 4 years, and I was the first person in the office to learn it. I was already familiar with Revit, so I understood many of the core mechanics, but many of my co-workers who work primarily in AutoCAD were not able to make the leap. The learning curve is a bit steep at first, but there is a helpful community of ArchiCAD users that I reach out to regularly. Check out this link when you get a chance!

    Thanks for sharing this info Rudeboy!

    Sounds good Pete. Thanks for your help.

    Crow T. Robot - can you please submit some logfiles to us via the Enscape Feedback button, making sure to include the URL of this thread so I can link it up.

    Hi Pete,

    I just sent feedback with log files. Sorry it took me so long. I noticed this problem occurs after I make an adjustment in visual settings. After I change something in visual settings, I must save my project, exit ArchiCAD, then reopen the project. Enscape will then work properly again, and it will render images. But when I change the visual settings again, I have to repeat this process to render an image.

    So far, judging by all the feedback our customers have submitted, it seems to work perfectly fine with Enscape actually, the controllers should be working fine as well, since they're the same as the ones shipped with the Rift S (which is officially 100% supported by Enscape). :) But, we haven't tried it ourselves just yet, but again, judging by the threads and posts so far it seems to be all working as intended.

    Great to hear! Thanks Demian!

    Hello everyone,

    I am considering purchasing an oculus quest and using the new Oculus link cable to use it with enscape. However, before I purchase the quest, I was hoping you could give me some feedback on your experience using Oculus Link with enscape. Have you had a positive experience using the Oculus Link with Enscape? Does the quest controller work with enscape? What are your overall thoughts? Thank you very much. :thumbsup:

    As soon I received Anker cable I tested it and... It runs fine!!!! From Revit to Quest in less than 20 seconds. My dreams came true. Doing presentations to customers with a portable workstation and Quest in their facilities now is possible without the need of coding APKs in Unreal Engine! No sensors! All inside a trolley for flying!

    If somebody wants to see a recorded gameplay, take a look at this post, at the end it is. Sorry, it is in spanish language but I think you can undertand the steps to carry on.

    I am really excited to hear that the oculus link works with enscape! I know Demian wrote earlier that the quest controller may not work 100% with enscape, so I am curious about how well the quest controller worked for you? Did the controller give you any problems while using enscape?


    For some reason, enscape will not begin the rendering process when I click render. This problem only started today. I restarted ArchiCAD and tried again, but I still had the same problem. Any idea why this would be happening?

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello, I saw on escapes blog post that with the latest version, there is now a visual settings dialogue box and a general settings dialogue box. However, I can not seem to find the general settings dialogue box while using archiCAD. Furthermore, I don't have the material editor showing up for me. Am I missing something? I have attached a photo of all the options I am given when I select enscape while in ArchiCAD. Thank you.