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    Hi Demian Gutberlet and the Enscape Team!

    Firstly I/we really enjoy the product and we use Enscape across all our offices on a daily basis, but...!
    -Have you figured a workable fix out, that does not include re-rolling an old Enscape version or having to re-create a .exe-file?

    We, like many other users, use the stand-alone files as stage documentation for both design history and quality assurance especially for our larger projects that stretches over several years.

    For these kind of projects our Revit-files evolves over time why it makes no sense to re-create a stand-alone file later in the project, because it doesn't look like it did years back.

    Further more it is rather time consuming wanting to downgrade both Revit and Enscape to create a new .exe-file at a given point in time - and there are typically no extra resources (money) left on the project at that time for such a task either.

    We do also supply some of our clients with a stand-alone file that they want to use internally communication who also will be affected by this general issue.


    HI guys.

    At the moment it is not possible to use an executable Enscape export (.exe) within the Oculus Quest but only 360 panorama still views.

    Are you working on an application that supports the features of the Quest in order to have a walkthrough in Enscape but without the limitations of cords, sensors and laptops?



    (Hi again! I found a post where the topic had been up before (sorry). BUT what is your approach towards the possibility of using Enscape on the Quest in a near by future?)