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    Ooof! That's a lot of extra time!

    Enscape markets itself as a visualization tool for Architects, but many features (including This Thread) are not present.

    If Enscape actually have an architecture research team, then they can search what Architects/designers want from a visual standpoint.

    Maybe they can sit-in through a class presentation at an architecture school and listen to the feedback for the students, or they can visit an architecture office and survey/ask what are the needs of the profession, from a presentation standpoint.

    Yes, we're using Enscape to visually show entire site developments and it's great! But, if your (Enscape) vegetation/trees are blocking the views towards the buildings themselves, then it's a pretty picture that doesn't work!

    This is not ranting but a constructive criticism toward Enscape.


    I'm looking around in 3rd party libraries for a "hewn timber texture/material". If someone has used that or know where to get it, please point this out for me.

    The intensity slider should go up plenty high enough - if we are using real life examples , then 300cdm2 is about as bright as a computer screen 10,000cdm2 is about as bright as a fluorescent bulb.

    If it is looking too dim it could suggest that either the rest of the lighting in the scene to bright relative to that or perhaps the glass of the geometry is interfering with how it looks?

    The luminance of the 'self-illuminated' material is at it max (100,000 cd/m2

    Camera exposure 34%

    Sun brightness 0%

    Night sky brightness 13%

    Artificial light brightness 180%

    Ambient brightness 100%

    I'm using a sky-box of a brightness of 6,105.03 lux

    For the time being it looks good for our office standard. I will take another look into it sometime later.


    First off, if I remember correctly, Enscape lighting fixtures used to turn on and glow in SketchUp when shifting the time to night? This isn't the case now (unless I'm missing something).

    I'm showing these traditional sconces with a down light that I applied separately using the lights objects. The problem is that the bulb itself is not lite, and there's no way to edit the Enscape lighting fixture to apply an emissive material to it.

    If anyone have a solution or a work around, please share.

    Paul Russam, thank you!

    That worked like a charm, and was easier than I thought.

    But now this begs the question, what's the point or correct use of 'auto exposure'?

    I also noticed that how sensitive it is when adjusting the exposure manually.

    This also made Enscape start & run a bit faster (since there are no exposure calculations every time)


    We're creating an option for our client to have a timber roof on the deck (see 1st pic)

    When I hide the timber roof to show the view with out it, I noticed that the lighting on the interior changes and gets darker (white wall & interior timber frame)

    The settings are all the same between the two images

    The Skecth-Up View is the same, I'm only selecting the timber roof & hiding it.

    There's one independent point light in the interior (I made sure it's not hiding with the Timber roof.

    I'm using a skybox, no changes between views

    Using Ultra settings

    No depth of field.

    The file place has an Emissive material

    Why's that happening and how can I fix it?

    1- Image with Timber roof option (color is correct)

    2- Image w/o Timber roof (colors are wrong different

    I second this.

    Speaking from my opinion,since Enscape is marketing itself as a rendering software for architectural design for the main part, then their development team should invest in creating and adding the mentioned materials above and more.

    I suggest, your development team to take a survey and talk to practicing architects about the most common used materials in the industry (both in modern and traditional aesthetics).

    Its great that Enscape Material Library is offering many wallpaper options, but the exterior materials pallet is lacking.

    Third party materials are available, but may create inconsistencies (such as in my case)

    Demian Gutberlet , please take notes and report to the development team. A dedicated update for architectural materials selections would be greatly appreciated.

    Tomasz Drgas, thanks for your reply. I know about SketchUp keywords for Enscape. Which I'm positive I don't have on that one.

    On another issue, I noticed that the same material is not rendering the same around any corner 'See attached image'

    The material I'm trying to show is a vertical board & batten of a taupe color.

    I'm using a normal map for the vertical effect and using/editing the base/albedo color in Enscape material editor (Hex Code)

    I'm using a HDRI skybox

    You can argue that the light does affect the material rendering around the corner, but the one at the left corner is just blank, no color or texture.

    Please advise.

    Hello Everybody,

    I'm experiencing an issue with a particular material in my SketchUp model when rendered in Enscape.
    The Grey B&B siding on the left has a green hue to it for some odd reason, it's the exact same material in SketchUp.

    If anyone knows what's the issue and how to solve it, please respond.