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    Hi, So I am experiencing the same.

    I have had it with Spots, and Spheres. I can go to different versions of the model and seems fine... then for no apparent reason it just cashes when adding a light source.

    No error report as it just manifests as a Bug Splat from SKP. totally stalling me on a project right now!! :cursing:

    PC Spec below:

    I completely agree re the pricing structure for Mac Users V's Windows users. What i am glad about is not spending £4500 for a MacBook Pro with all the bells & whistles in order to handle some complex models. Thank goodness i asked my colleague to install Enscape on his Mac just to see how fast it was as a bench marking exercise... Missing Lighting fixtures and material library - surely this is what makes Enscape so good on Windows.... No video Editor too... oooft.

    I was so looking forward to streamlining my work flow to a single machine... alas. Not for now.

    Is there any plans to add an audio playback line in the Video Editor?

    I quite have a regular project where client wishes to add a voiceover to the fly thrus and often the desired script is out of sync with what we have created - often therefore requiring 'edits in post' to sync up... If we could drop their VO into timeline and sync camera angles to VO then could save a chunk of time.

    I'm not suggesting any audio editing capabilities, - just playback on the timeline.