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    You can find the file over here: https://aacoarchitecten-my.sha…6CK8NmRofePFYarQ?e=g76Qg2

    Need to tell you that a forum without e-mail announcement when you reply, is difficult to follow. As an architect I cannot check all forums every day to see if someone perhaps wanted to solve the problem in [their, sorry to say so] software. Perhaps it is a problem in my model, but everything shows fine when I look at it in Revit, so I don't expect that to be the case...

    If you have more news, please let me know on

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    Having the same problem…

    Structural beams are in the same file as the architectural elements, but beams and columns only show up randomly… NOT fun, especially since I use a paying version of Enscape, and since I have the problem on 2 different PC's (laptop / desktop).