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    So... this means we cannot use Enscape in Revit 2021... just at the moment Revit start real time rendering itself, Enscape tells us to experience that, and to forget about them... eventhough we pay for Enscape almost half of what we pay for Revit?

    Enscape mainly focusses on making new clients, apparently keeping their clients is not important??? Strange, I hope they will come up with at least a preview version to help us out. It would also be smart to add a download button on the Enscape homepage, so everybody can do that easily without having to "get a trial"...


    You can find the file over here: https://aacoarchitecten-my.sha…6CK8NmRofePFYarQ?e=g76Qg2

    Need to tell you that a forum without e-mail announcement when you reply, is difficult to follow. As an architect I cannot check all forums every day to see if someone perhaps wanted to solve the problem in [their, sorry to say so] software. Perhaps it is a problem in my model, but everything shows fine when I look at it in Revit, so I don't expect that to be the case...

    If you have more news, please let me know on

    Thanks for solving,


    Having the same problem…

    Structural beams are in the same file as the architectural elements, but beams and columns only show up randomly… NOT fun, especially since I use a paying version of Enscape, and since I have the problem on 2 different PC's (laptop / desktop).