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    Reflection is currently the biggest weakest for Enscape and it is the exact reason why rendering look cartoonish even if you bump the rendering settings to Ultra.

    The other thing is Enscape doesn't have proper AO (contact shadow) settings. We have to "fake" AO through a light coloured outline setting.

    In fact, I would say 70% of the success of real time architectural visualisation relied on reflection with correct fresnel, IOR settings.

    As you may have known already a number of Enscape users have reported mirror material not reflecting correctly, disappearing objects in glass reflection, etc.

    Hopefully, one day Enscape can achieve the quality you have shown in the video.

    Nice! Did you insert the star-like glare in Photoshop?

    @Thomas, on the subject of bloom. I wish you can pass this to your developer -

    if Enscape can utilise FFT (Fast Fourier Transform) Convolution Bloom it would make the bloom and glare looks much more realistic.

    FFT convolusion will give you the most realistic bloom in real time engine.

    I can provide examples if needed.


    • Bloom-FFT.pdf

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    We continously improve that. The next version will probably show textures and better lighting in the reflections. Please understand that reflections in real time computer graphics are a complex thing and will remain partially unsolved for quite some months. But we are on it!

    I have a suggestion, Thomas.

    For material that uses the keyword "Mirror", can Enscape automatically place an invisible reflection probe near the mirror so that it can provide the highest possible quality of reflection for the mirror?

    Also the idea of being able to manually place reflection probe/planar reflection helper can really brings Escape rendering to the next level for users who demand ultra quality.

    Thank you.

    The trello card has been created 2 years ago and I really hope that this function can come to Enscape.

    Orthographic / Parallel view is a must if Enscape wants to pride itself as a tool for Architects.

    To Dev:

    If you want to see how orthographic viewport behave please take a look at Substance Designer/Substance Painter's OpenGL -or- IRay's viewport