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    I left Vray for enscape years ago because enscapes workflow and quality is enough for 99 % of day to day work (architecture) and everybody could use it within 10 min.

    And I worked for years with no good way to show realtime results to a client (iphone / ipad). I hoped the union of chaos und enscape would help enscape to develop faster... on the other hand i knew deep inside that this is just an "adobe" like move to get rid of the compition in the long run ;(

    well, i think that within the next 2 years we will have 90% quality with ai for non interactiv content. If enscape doesnt step up its realtime game this year i´ll have to move on. Times are moving fast right now and i don´t see enscape running.

    anyways, i´m just sad, i guess, because i really like what the team achived over the years :(

    Same here,

    I think there is a problem with the 40 series and the memory. So i had to switch from 4090 to 3080 ti... and paying the software. So lets see what the feedback button will do for us and our deadlines. Big sad.

    Twinmotion works fine. So definitely not my system... Angry sad.