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    Hello again!

    I've solved the problem by changing the "main name" for the material in lieu of the Asset name since for Revit the materials have two names one is the identity of the material and the other one is the name for the asset!!! and at the same time I was right about the grass not rendering in a vertical surface it seems not possible for Enscape to do this and i guess is a logical thing, regards

    Hello Enscape people!

    I'm experiencing a little issue with the grass in Enscape + Revit, the grass won't work , I've changed the materials and I've also tried with 3 different types of grass with no luck, I've already checked if the "Grass Rendering" Box in the Enscape Settings, I've also re-named the Assets to match the Enscape criteria but it seems to be useless, i mean, I've named the grass as you guys indicated in this Forum Post.

    At the beginning I thought that the grass didn't want to render because I putted it in a vertical surface a vegetated wall which I need to model in the project, but I've modeled another floor to check if it was that and the horizontal one doesn't work either, any ideas will be very much appreciated, regards

    Hello Everybody ,

    I'm experiencing a weird issue when rendering with Enscape ( and Revit 2019.2, half of the model is casting by a weird shadow (please see image), I've already check all the parameters with no luck, have any of you deal with this before and how this can be fixed?, thank you in advance

    Hi, I'm Using Enscape with Revit 2017.2, I'm Running a DELL Alienware Intel I7 2.90 GHz@2.90 GHz, 32 GB Ram DDR4 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, I'm also running the HTC VIVE Headset with no major problems far from the Lighthouses synchronization, I've noticed some some glitches when I try to modify some object parameters in Revit while Enscape is still running but I think is my fault, and finally a minor problem I'm having is that the image get blocked when the movement is quite rapid, another subject is that I'm not able to have the Enscape MAP and some of the new features seems to be hidden for me, regards

    We've gone for the Rift purely because the lack of support the Vive has for Walkthrough mode in VR currently. No issues with the Rift thus far I'm pleased to say!

    That's really interesting, so when you talk about the lack of support in Walkthrough mode is that a known issue with ENSCAPE and Revit? or what are your thoughts/ ideas/Knowledge about this?, I mean We are thinking to buy the VIVE to do Walkthroughs with our clients so if there is a problem I'll be so glad to know about the issues you already had, thanks in advance

    Hi and thanks for your reply;

    Right now that's not very much important since we are planning to invest in machines with a good performance, for me is more the quality of real time rendering and the speed that really counts.

    Anyways that will be the general manager who'll take a decision but based on my advise, so for my to have a good knowledge about graphic cards which can have a really good speed and graphic optimization for Revit + Enscape + HTC vive is really very much important,

    Best regards

    Hi Guys;

    I'm trying to know which graphic card will be a good choice to run Revit + Enscape + HTC Vive Glasses, do you have any specific preference? or any brand that you consider best than other, thanks in advance

    Hi Everyone,

    I want to ask you if you have any preferences between virtual reality glasses?, I mean, We are testing Enscape and we want to implement a sort of VR visit for our buildings so we want to buy the best equipment to achieve that goal, I've been looking in several websites and apparently the best equipment for this kind task are the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift CV1, since I'm not an expert I want to know your opinion about these two equipements, Thanks in advance