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    The lights are awesome! Being able to edit my lights real time is such an advantage over the other rendering software that our company has been using. We have been using Podium which can take a long time to show any results. We love the grass and quality that Enscape offers. I tried Lumion and Enscape offers a better quality and is much faster. Thank you guys for creating this awesome rendering software!

    The only thing is the emissive materials are too bright right now. Every time that I added the keyword to a material in a night scene it washed everything out because it was too bright.

    I read earlier on this thread that someone suggested that the emissive tag should have a scale of 1-10.

    Is that still in development? I thought that would be a great idea and really help me out.

    Other than that I am so thankful to have come across Enscape. Thank you guys for all your hard work!