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    I have to agree with Phil. Enscape requires a different set of tools. Some late model (low end) PC's have trouble. But, did I go out and buy a Super high end PC? Yes. I use it mostly for Revit and Lumion. Everything else is on the Mac. Vectorworks, Archicad, Twinmotion. I recently bought a Late Mac mini with a Razor Core X and a AMD 5700X for less that $2000. (I can get a 3080 later(I hope). This runs Revit with ease under bootcamp. But it runs Enscape (OK to fine). Yet, I am sure that a Mac "Legal" (not bootcamp...not hackintosh) version of Enscape could be an affordable and a "efficient" setup for the MacOS. (Even with current chipset).

    My opposing view: What would it cost? I think I would rather, "Enscape" spend their dollars on continued development. So, I'm not going to get on a "bandwagon" for the MacOS version of Enscape. I'm happy. And I think most Enscape users are happy. But(1%...2%). How can they make money on that? However, I think a iPad Pro portal would be really cool. (Currently I use TeamViewer to control my PC remotely)

    I'm open for testing

    Enscape ROCKS!!!