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    Same issue here. We cannot get the Quest 2 headsets to look as good as the old HTC Vive headsets. On paper the Quest 2 should be much better but in VR the quest 2 is very noisy and choppy.

    We are running airlink on a dedicated wifi6E router that have the VR machine connected directly to it. They are the only devices on the router. We have the issue with both the airlink and the cable link. The VR machine is an alienware laptop with a nvidia RTX3080 TI.

    We have tried it with DLSS off and in High render and it is still very noisy and studders when moving around. We have this issue on larger models and smaller models. We also have the issue on several Quest 2 headsets. Are Quest 2 headsets and enscape just not compatible? It seems like we are going backwards with the results in VR for the smaller headsets that are wireless and do not need base stations.