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    Demian.. any idea when the full light function for the Mac version will be available?
    I'd inquired it for some months now to the "Enscape Support" to none responses from them.

    "Enscape Objects" for window has the full light function including "line", "Disk", "sphere" which are not found in "Enscape Light" for mac while both licences are costing the same.

    Please advise on when the full lighting version will be available for Mac -



    I'd like to find out when the full light source function buttons will be available for the mac version. I started with enscape window version and am finding that some of the light source function buttons that's available in window are not available in the mac version (i.e. Sphere and line, disk lights are missing in the mac version). These are the basic functions used to create general and ambience lighting for interior spaces. I'm now handicapped by not being able to create moods in interiors like i used to.. Can anyone educate me how you create general lighting in a room using the "spot light" and "rect light" button functions. Clearly as you can see from the labels - these are clearly not meant for general lighting as their names implies. Enscape for mac should have been a beta version and members shouldn't be charged full price similar to the window version with the many lacks in functionalities.

    I've also sent in the request and queries to the "Enscape support" months ago and still have not heard from anyone. I share the pain and frustration of many here and in earlier forum on this topic. I'm also sensing the many frustrations arising.. Can Enscape support please help address these inadequacies please and let us know when the missing functions will be available or can we get our money back.... Thanks.