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    Thanks for this very helpful, It is taking me awhile to piece together all the information & even more difficult sources parts at the moment.

    I wanted to ask, do you see much difference in performance between the RTX4000 & RTX5000? The reason being, the RTX4000 is half the price, but I do like the idea of the RTX5000 as it's a 16GB card.

    Thanks, Wade

    Hi all,

    We ar elooking to buy a few new PCs int eh office to run ArcihCAD/ Enscape & just wondering what everyone is using?

    Enscape website suggests the following:

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070/Quadro RTX 5000 or an AMD equivalent GPU with at least 8GB VRAM

    However, in my experience something much more powerful would be required.

    Would be great to get some feedback on specs of what others are using with success.


    Wade Stephens

    Rachcoff Vella Architecture

    Hi, I sent both the Ensacpe Example along with our Standalone model to the VR client. The Enscape Examplel worked, but the Standalone did not. This is the response & error messasge we received:

    "I tried the download and it didn’t work. The file didn’t appear the same as the last one or the Enscape model that work from their website. Those files appeared with he Enscape symbol next to them (see image below the lower file is the original one that I got last year from you guys). While both are application (.exe) files they appear differently. Then when I tried to open the file the error below appears? Is there a different format you can send them to me in or save them in?"

    Can you please asssist further?


    Wade Stephens

    Hi all,

    Our office uses ArchiCAD & Enscape. We have a client who has an entire VR room set up using the Vive Pro Headset.

    We would love to be able to give them an Enscape file for the VR. Can someone give me some direction on how we might do this?

    PS: it is a very large house on a substantail farm/ site & the design is highly detailed, so the file is quite large.

    PPS: is there somewhere I download a VR file to have the client test?



    Definitely need an ArchiCAD 23 version of Enscape

    Would be absolutely fantastic to get Australian trees!!!!!!

    We need the ability to rotate the asset library objects in the Z direction, we can rotate them in plan but i need to be able to rotate to match a sloping ground (ie cars in a sloping driveway)

    I can add the rotate code very easily to the GDL object and the low poly object will rotate but it has no effect on the high poly model rendered in enscape

    Can you please allow us this ability as all of the car objects are useless to me without this functionally

    Totally agree, scalibility needs to be resolved as well.

    Did anyone else receieve a price increase email? :/

    Hard to believe that ArchiCAD users are already being charged the same as SketchUp & Revit users considering we get less features & now to think we have to pay more... :thumbdown:

    I'm not suggesting the product isn't worth it, as our office absolutely loves Enscape :love: It's just frustrating to know we aren't getting the full potential but are paying full price.