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    Our IT department has forced the XML save location for Panoramas to a local drive that is backed up by OneDrive. In one day I've exceeded my OneDrive storage and now I'm getting naughty messages from Microsoft.

    My question. Is it ok to simply delete the XML files? The majority of the panoramas that I'm using with clients have been uploaded to the cloud service Enscape provides. Do I need these local files?

    Is there a way for the View names to display on the bubbles? Or a way to have a preview image show in the bubbles, like Round Me does?

    I've renamed the views in the Upload Manager. In the setup of the tour, the active 360 does display the name of the 360. But when I'm outside of the editor, hoving over the bubble only shows the original upload name.

    Only downside to the pro is how hard it is to run!

    I've got an Index (about the same clarity bump) and I had to turn down the resolution to get it to run OK on anything above medium quality mode on a 2080. It encouraged me to upgrade to a 3090, which can handle the resolution much better. That said, even if I reduced the resolution a lot on my 2080, it still wasn't very grainy and did the job well! Also, to be fair - I am picky in that I at least like to run on high settings since so much of Enscape's lighting relies on being at least at high.

    I don't know a lot of the technical side of the graphics cards. Our VR pc is running a GeForce 2080 Ti. My workstation is running the 2080. I didn't realize that VR pc had a different card until I looked today. I'm not sure what the technical differences are. We received the headset yesterday and got it all running today. I'm really happy. We didn't realize the wifi adapter needed a different mount kit, so we have to order one of those.. You must be really picky on resolution, LMAO. Maybe because the headset is a big upgrade from the standard Vive. But I was really happy with how crisp things were. There is a slight grainyness as you move around, but once you stop and look, it renders out fast.. I've only tried it on High so far. Monday I hope to get to play with it more, and will definitely see how Ultra performs.

    I mainly run it on High. I don't use Enscape for still rendering much, and found that the High setting works great. We ended up getting the Pro eye. It showed up today and I'm going to try and get it running tomorrow, if I have time. I appreciate all the replies. I'm looking forward to the upgrade.

    Our VR setup is running a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2080. It was a custom build (a couple years ago) from our IT dept, with VR, AR and Renderings in mind and has been working great. The standard Vive was pretty good. But the grainy'ness of it was disorienting for some people. We've liked the Vive products so far, and why we stuck to those. We already had the wireless adapter also, so that was another plus for us, as we have accessories we can re-use. Also, based on some research, it looked like the standard vive and vive pro are discontinued and the pro eye is their replacement.

    The only issues we've had with the standard vive, is the paddles both died on us, after coming out of the lockdowns. They were plugged in constantly and we thing think that trashed the batteries. they started to expand, splitting the cases and wouldn't hold charges. We also had a couple really random issues where the lenses blacked out a couple times. The headset was still projecting on the tv screens, but inside the headset it was dark. It was used a lot and a couple clients yanked it off their heads without regard for loosening it up, so I'm wondering if those few incidents may have loosened up some wiring inside the headset.

    Has anyone used this yet with Revit and Enscape? We have a standard Vive headset we've been using for several years now. It's been great, but a bit on the grainy side. We've ordered a Pro Eye, and I'm pretty excited to give this a test run when it comes in.

    Any advice on the Good, Bad and Ugly?

    I've finally discovered the actual issue. Grass is not rendering on vertical surfaces. The first posts are from a project, I have no grass on the ground. the grass I have are from Christmas Wreaths, hanging on the outside of a storefront.

    And apparently I've never looked at these wreaths close enough before, to notice they weren't rendering grass in previous versions. Our admin had a grass image applied to our Grass materials, so from a distance, they still looked like grass, and never noticed they weren't rendering. In the screenshots above, I had removed that image, so it was easier to see it not rendering anything.

    I tested this out in the previous release and it's doing the same thing as 3.0.

    I've tried every variation of Grass and none of them work. My current project I'm posting on is a 2021 project. I opened up this project from another computer with Enscape 3.0 and it's still an issue, but a few blades of grass project, but does not display it like it should. I went to a 2020 project that has Grass in it and that grass is not rendering also. My coworker opened the same projects in the previous version of Enscape and it rendered the grass just fine in the previous version.

    The title pretty much explains it. The materials I've been using for quite a while now for the various grasses, do not render now in 3.0. Is there a toggle for rendering grass now in the settings? I was looking for one and did not see any.

    Are there any assets out there for labels that rotate based on your position, for Revit? I've been doing walkthroughs and VR for a department store. We've been putting Model text on the Floor Pads so it's easy to know where you are at on the sales floor. Having some type of asset, maybe a sign? that can display text. that's easy enough to make on my own. but if there was something out there that would rotate based on your position, that would be really nice.

    Do you have an email address I can send this information to? I just received an "undeliverable" notification from the support email I sent the other day. Sorry for the delayed response. Things got busy and this is the first chance I had to get back to this.

    Enscape version 2.7.0+18848 - Revit 2019 and 2020

    We had a client contact us that some QR Codes will not open any more. I went in, this morning to check out the Manage Uploads location and I'm getting an error, which is preventing the Manage Uploads dialog from starting. This is happening in Revit 2019 and 2020. I've emailed Enscape Support, but thought I'd drop a forum post to see if anyone has ran into this, and if there are solutions.

    We have applied materials to a nice revit model and are messing around with VR setting to see how to maximize VR quality. Things look fantastic as we do a standard walkthrough. But as soon as we enable the headset, most materials wash out pretty bad and don't look remotely close to the walkthrough. I've seen this a lot but just haven't had the time to ask about this on this forum.

    Are there settings to get around this? We have some descent hardware and can run the VR models pretty comfortably on the High resolution setting. We use an HTC Vive for our headset.