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    pretty much what the title says. it makes it incredibly frustrating to use Enscape when it continually wrestles the controls from Archicad and give it back to Enscape. When trying to move things in 3D or even 2D view Archicad will just deselect whatever it is your doing. It feels like Enscape is causing Archicad to constantly refresh or something? using enscape through its fine and doesnt cause any issues, and the issue is only present in Archicad when Enscape is open. So far my only option to avoid this issue it to work out a list of changes i want to make, close Enscape entirely, make the changes in Archicad and then relaunch Enscape to continue my work.

    This is not a new issue but has been ever since i started using Enscape, and have always just dealt with it by closing Enscape when i want to make substantial changes in Archicad

    Saw it mentioned in the archicad 27 release notes that enscape was getting mac support, which we were excited to hear news about. Well... we just ran into this same issue trying to (finally!) run enscape on our office mac and were dismayed to find out that buying sketchup and going through that as a proxy was the only option available to us. We were disappointed to say the least.


    Archicad-Enscape Workflow Advancement for MacOS

    In 2023, an Archicad-Enscape connection plug-in is set to become accessible for MacOS, extending the advantages of a contemporary, real-time rendering tool deeply incorporated within Archicad to our Mac-based users. (Please note that this plug-in has already been accessible for Windows users.) This development marks a significant stride in enhancing the Archicad-Enscape workflow for the Mac platform, promising improved design and visualization experiences.

    I'm sure this has been mentioned before but why on earth are Enscape's built in lights so god awful at emitting light when imported into archicad?

    here is an image with a select set of lights from Enscape's library. middle of the day, 50% exposure, sun 80%, artificial brightness 200%:

    here is the exact same scene at midnight, 100% exposure, sun 0%, artificial brightness 200%:

    i should be getting my eyes seared out of my skull with these settings and yet all i can see is a subtle glow.

    I am aware that you can use archicad's built in lighting but they have their own sets of issues with some materials and bulbs not being emissive surfaces and having to edit GDL data to achieve those results. Ideally id just like the Enscape lights to simply work as they should, as the models themselves are really quite aesthetically appealing.

    for comparisons sake, here is an archicad light with the same settings as the second image, but with the archicad lights intensity at a paltry 30%:

    Please, i just want to use the pretty Enscape lights :(

    Granted, i dont have a raytracing enabled GPU to test that feature on so it could be that, but i noticed today in a render that a white painted PFC and the white walls surrounding it were giving off a staggering amount of light for what would normally be expected. the only thing i can assume is that enscape is calculating (estimating) incorrectly the light in that corner given how much light is being reflected off of those surfaces back and forth and multiplying with itself to end up with a total light emission much higher than that of the walls around it.

    Is this the case? whether or not it is, how can i go about rendering that area without having such a wild light area around that spot? thanks