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    I'll forward your additional feedback, thank you all - General Hadeda , we'll improve this a lot for 2.7, so stay tuned for that. In general, the speed regarding how fast Assets will be loaded via the internet is something which will steadily improve.

    Seems at least for us that Verson 2.7 with more assets means slower loading times generally. Both as they "download" and when placing assets even in small Revit Models. We concur that an offline version is critical to workflow. We don't need up-to-the-second updated assets.

    We have multiple users currently running off one enscape key. What is the best practice for where to save the asset library so we don't need to wait for assets to load each session? also how to we save the asset library, is this a prompt in the download process. Thanks

    I'm interested to know if there is a Revit File available for download which has all the current assets loaded in so we can then choose assets based on what they look like, particularly the landscape elements.