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    I am relatively new to SketchUp and Enscape. I downloaded and tried out the SketchUp Plug In on my mac last night and was very much enjoying it. Then at some point late last night it stopped working. Now when I select the "Start Enscape" button in the SketchUp Extensions tab nothing happens. For what it is worth, last night before I shut everything down and started all the applications again (and restarting Mac) when I opened the Enscape window it showed what looked like an empty desert which I could look around BUT the model I was working on in Sketch Up was not showing up even after waiting several minutes. Now, the application just doesn't even open up/ bring up Enscape window or tool bar??

    One other thing maybe of import is that in between it working an not working I also installed the "Profile Builder 3" extension??

    Any help much appreciated.