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    Demian Gutberlet Hi, my trial did not end up getting reset. It still say 00 days left on trial, and in the about area it still lists

    Evaluation license: Expired

    Machine fingerprint: IXFa7B7Hggd4/0GH2eFUHRXLJr9xyLgYegARqwSKFPc=

    Any help appreciated. I've already uninstalled and redownloaded the newest version of Enscape available to me.

    Demian Gutberlet Hi, I really appreciate the work you're doing here. I recently downloaded the Enscape trial, but it turns out this device has already had a since-expired plan in the past. If you could reset my trial on this machine for the 14 days I'd really, really appreciate it.

    Machine fingerprint is


    Again, thanks for all the work you do here.