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    With 2.6 v2 after I capture am image, enscape's illumination turns off. I only get the sky...everything else is black. I must close and reatart enscape and start over.

    Simon Weinberger

    There were items mentioned in this thread which were described as fixed in the "next preview" (which I presume is the 7-2-19 version) but not mentioned in the description for it.... material ID and outlines I believe. Have these also been addressed?

    Here is what I understand about the confusing behavior related to save locations (and a Request!)

    Currently (2.52) it will remember the last location an image is saved OR location a texture is opened from. This last part confuses me regularly. I expect the software to remember my last location for saving an image SEPARATELY from the last location I open a texture from. Each of the different tasks... save an image, save a file, open a texture, etc, etc. should remember separately as they are alternated between regularly and it creates an inconsistency that causes confusion.

    Please make this a request Demian Gutberlet !

    macservice123 you might test to see if this is what you are experiencing. If not please report back.

    do you see the same thickness when exporting an image as you do in the realtime preview in 2.6? For me the prview looks correct (very faint for 1%) but the exported image shows a much thicker lineweight. Also, what OS and driver are you using?

    I think I understand your problem. One major complaint was that some outlines were missing and that the outlines do not scale proportionally to the screen resolution (Same outline amount with 4K downsized to 720p should result in similar image as if done in 720p). Independant from what you mean, I see that even with 1% they are not super thin on 4Ks. We will fix that.

    Thanks for your consideration... I believe 1% should be almost imperceptible at any resolution.

    4. On our radar because it's the natural extrapolation of 1). But this alone isn't always enough, there's more: scenes might have different geometry and supporting this would be a huge effort for us. Still some uncertainty here.

    Thanks for the reply...

    #3 probably will be handled by #1... I was just listing the various issues people seem to have identified separately.

    To clarify, #4 has two parts... the most immediate should be handled by #1 IF these settings are persistent while batch rendering Note: varying geometry / layers is a separate function... #4 does not need to wait for geometry / layer states to be useful. The main point here is that I almost ALWAYS adjust exposure, HDR settings, etc for each viewpoint / path / etc. Currently there is no efficient way to batch render multiple scenes if these types of adjustments are made between scenes. If you accomplish #1 AND make that persistent during batch, that should accomplish 1-4 of the list above (IMO)

    Also I think it's not so useful to split the settings over two independent UI. Looks like a problem is created where no problem was.

    Regarding settings, I understood the most common user requests were:

    (may have missed some, these are just the ones I saw requested several times)

    1. allow settings to be saved within each "scene" or "view" of the host package

    2. remain with the file.... so that when collaborating others get the settings used ...or when going back to a project, the settings are still accessible.

    3. when reopening a model, automatically use the settings saved with the model scene selected opposed to the last settings used on that machine.

    4. scene settings to be used when batch rendering

    Does anyone know if 2.6 is attempting to achieve any of these?

    3dhouse , which resolution did you use? Can you share a screenshot?

    Thomas Willberger

    I rendered 2K and 4k images with 1% outlines. Both showed thick outlines at 1%, and definitely not what is seen in the realtime preview.

    Was this addressed in the latest preview? Do you have a internal screenshots that show a different experience in testing?

    I rolled back so i cannot easily create more and did not label my output when testing... perhaps 3dhouse can help.

    Thank you

    Intended Functionality?

    1. Outlines seem to be the same as previous versions... still thick at 1%

    Couple possible bugs?

    2. TGAs textures appear to render incorrectly, if I switch to jpg it looks correct.

    3. After completing a capture, the GI seems to turn off, shadows become black.