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    If I may offer another perspective... many users want to see higher quality and would be happy to wait longer for rendered frames (I certainly would) I do not think the answer is to stop pushing the limits but rather to give more control to the users to customize the output to their needs. I think it would be wonderful if the plugin could run in different "modes" similar to how vray has simple/advanced/expert, etc. This way the default install would remain simple and "newbie proof" while the more advanced users could either choose to push the quality even higher, or throttle it even lower, than what a simple interface can provide for.

    I would like to be able to save animations as image sequences, such as png, tga, tif, exr. When doing video editing it is not good to edit from mp4s due to recompression. We are also able to do much better post processing with clean frames as opposed to compressed mp4s.