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    My complaint is related to partial transparency in general but specific to self illuminated partial transparency we have... fire, backlit transparent film, creative gobo lighting effects, caustic workarounds. etc.... the current implementation works acceptably well for on/off areas of opacity only. I brought it up because the OP request would most likely benefit from the type of subtly that this bug does not currently allow for.


    I just reviewed the forum because I was pretty sure this has been discussed MANY times before, and voila... since 2018 this behavior has been complained about.

    The current behavior for View Sync when creating single renderings needs to be also used for batch renderings. Currently, when view sync is enabled the field of view slider is grayed out and whatever FOV saved in sketchup overrides.

    Can we please get batch rendering work also work this way so that the UI will be more consistent, intuitive, and batch rendering infinitely more useful?

    However, it is slow. We cant use it in the design phase. Waiting 3-4 mins for a render is not an option for us.

    EDIT: It appears that "higher than ultra" IS being looked at and they are requesting feedback. PLEASE GO VOTE!…l&utm_source=portal_share

    Thanks for the insight. As an Archvis guy 3-4 mins is totally doable (actually pretty fast) I actually wait that long or longer for many of my high res images from Enscape. I can see how you may not be able to and everyone has their own personal compromise between time constraints and quality.

    My main gripe (and it is quite inexplicable that we have had zero traction) is that we have very basic ability to choose level of quality vs speed. The current quality slider is a joke.

    Enscape apparently does not want to provide the ability for us to set our machines running for 15-30mins (for example) and achieve the upper 20% of quality.

    The integration of vray likely would provide that, but will cost ~2x the cost or more compared to Enscape alone.

    We will also be have to explain why animations can't look the same as the still images (without significantly longer and cost prohibitive render times) and VR simply wont be a similar quality to Vray.

    D5 and Unreal both seem like contenders for All In One renderers which are at least trying to provide uncompromising quality and speed for all three output types..... Still Images / Animation / VR.

    For this reason (and obviously price) Archvis guys are going to be using them.

    We can obviously use both as well.

    This may be off topic (is so please move) but since the only feature released is about license management this seems appropriate here .

    Is it now (or previously) possible to reliably and instantly release a license on one machine so that it may be used in another?

    I have not tried the latest drivers, because I am not using the latest version of Enscape. I am using what the link above recommended.

    I wrote support about the fact that material ID passes in 3.3 seem to look different than 2.9 (too similar colors) and I was told to update drivers. This was not a rational response which I pointed out and they never responded to.

    My post here is for my and others benefit to clarify once and for all what drivers are actually recommended.

    I do not have the time to test various drivers, test material passes to send examples, etc. In my opinion that what I pay you guys for.

    Thanks for the reply as always, Demian.

    I may be guilty of this. Pretty sure I have used the "dislike" as a way to agree with a problem being reported... But mainly as a way of watching the thread.

    I am not aware of the reactions being considered a downvote in the way reddit uses that term.

    I actually which there was an easy way to 'follow' without a reaction at all. Many times I want to follow a problem and none of the 'reactions' are appropriate.

    Bradleyswork you are taking the right approach. When it comes to legal matters you should always ask to see where in the fine print it says that, and then read it for yourself. You should not assume that because it seems logical, or a standard elsewhere, that it will be honored here. This agreement is between you and Enscape and it may be unique. I would write support directly about this and ask where in the EULA this is covered.