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    Hi Thomas,

    The stats are really great to keep track of the usage and for license management. My question now is if there is a way to access the stats without getting access to the license management. As an idea, to have a contract acount and a product account. The last one only gives you information about the product.

    thx Gadget, i agree with you on that knowing this concept from the unreal engine I used before. This additions would really help. Thanks for this really profound statement. Thomas, hopefully you guys have some ideas on this.

    DanS - thanks for your comment

    when we had this test setup it was very promising to be with the partners / clients / design director in the same scene and discuss certain areas and designs together. With the laser pointer and pen we could make suggestions and had a collaborative VR work session.

    we could see following solutions from our test within unity for enscape

    mode01-passive: one user is the guide and the other uses (guests) are always at the same position but have the freedom to look around on there own.

    mode02-active: all the users are in the same scene can see each other and walk on there own.

    comments welcome


    Is there any work or development focus on cooperative mode. To walk together with the client, shareholders or project lead through the model. I could even imagine that they follow, transport with the guide and can per option only look around. We had such a presentation in our office were the team linked two computers into one scene. We had 2 HTC VIVE, each on one computer and we could see our avatars. This looks like a great potential as we often see that clients can not really interact with the technology pretty well. Looking forward to your feedback.

    the problem is that the 100% are limiting - in advanced engines you have multiplier values from e.g 0-10

    is there a way to override this values with enscape ? this leads to the discussion of an material interface

    bump and alpha works very well with rhino native materials.

    if you use vray materials with refraction than the maps are not recognized.

    For the bump map is there a possibility for adding a intensity value (multiplier)?

    view sync works really well with switching the cameras in rhino.

    HUD would be very good to be implement so the client could change the views on there own during presentations (exe)


    View synchronization

    SketchUp had the events in place that allowed a very easy view synchronization. For Rhino it would be more complicated, especially since there might be any number of viewports and the desired behaviour is not clear to me yet.

    from a point of view of a long term rhino user it would make the most sense to have the active viewport synchronized.

    Top, Back, left and right should than be excluded to allow the life adaptions to the plan layout.

    Other approach could be that you read out the list of viewports into the UI and you have to pre-select the viewport before you export the scene which is linked.