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    Hello !

    I installed the latest version of Enscape But I still have glass reflexion issue with object and lights. See below the trails behind vegetation and lights on the left mirrors :

    Any tips to avoid that ?

    Also I take this opportunity to give some feedback on the last Enscape version.

    -On SketchUp, when you select a material with the eye dropper and you open the Enscape material editor, no material is selected in the menu. You always have to go back to your SketchUp model and pick the material you want to edit. In the preview version your material was already selected when you open the material editor window.

    - When you import a material from the Enscape material library, when you close the window, the material imported is no more automatically selected in your SketchUp material list. Now you need to open the "in model material" list to find it. In the previous version the imported material was automatically selected and ready to apply.

    2 details that use to make our work easier than in this new Enscape version,

    Thanks for you attention !


    Hi Demian Gutberlet and others

    Since version 3.0.2+45914 I can't update Enscape to newer versions cause my laptop won't handle it. I gave a try to the very last version and I can't even launch a render window. It's just loading indefinitely.

    Anyway, my company then decided to update laptops and I'd like to get a second thought on this specs and be sure that we are going to be comfortable at least for the next 2/3 years and the next Enscape updates.

    Please let me know if you have any better suggestions. Note that it has to be a laptop.

    Thanks ! Much appreciated.

    Hi !

    Working in Canada, snow and winter are 50% of our reality. Winter assets such as vegetation, people, equipment etc would be much more appreciated in a next update.

    Thanks !

    Same thing here, I noticed a big latency on every tasks I do once I launch Enscape. The difference is made on the same PC same project. Everything changed once I installed 3.1.

    For example I never had to drop down the quality to draft to navigate through the model or do some changes on the fly on sketchup. Now I have to, or everything is freezing constantly.

    Time of exporting also change dramatically.

    Thanks !

    Hi !

    I'm trying to achieve a frosted polycarbonate effect with a neutral color as per the picture below:

    But no matter what I try my panel is either black or blue-ish. I'd like to have a white or light grey transparency color. How I get rid of the blue transparency ?

    For info here's my settings:

    Thanks !

    Hello Enscapers,

    I was wondering if we could expect more material options/features for 2021.

    For example the possibility to control de first/second visibility of a material object to the camera, or the option to cast shadow or not etc...

    Could be very useful when you set rectangular lights or emissive panels into your model to improve your light scene but they are in front of the camera or just in the field of view.

    See what I mean.

    Let us know.

    Thanks !!;)


    So I flipped the model and it works perfectly ! nice thought !

    BUT it seems you cannot flip Enscape camera, even if I synchronize sketchup camera view the Enscape camera stay up side down.

    Nevermind I did a capture this way and flip image afterward

    Thank you very much !


    I'm working on a model and need to put fake grass to the ceiling, but when I apply the material to the ceiling and I play with grass settings nothing happen. I figured out that it's a gravity issue.

    Grass grows only from the floor to the sky in Enscape universe and not the oposit.

    Is there anyway to have a beautiful grass on my ceiling ?

    I tried to flip the volume of my ceiling but nothing change.
    Fun fact, when I flip the volume at 90 degrees no more grass at all, both sides. !

    Thanks for your help

    Hey Sean,

    Thanks for your feedback, but I don't think light settings are the issue there.

    As shown on the video and my screenshot, the render preview shown just before capture process is exactly what I'm looking for. The question is why

    the final capture is not as per the render preview ?



    I got an issue with lights rendering. See the capture video below:…nCaptureProject1.mkv?dl=0

    Enscape is running, when I'm moving closely to the light the light diffusion seems to work well.

    As soon as I'm moving back the camera the light effect disappear.

    Then I'm capturing a shot, and just a second before it runs there is like a screenshot preview of the rendering that I would like, but at the end it does not look like how I expected.

    Final render:

    Render I expect:

    Hope it makes sens !

    Thanks for your help !

    Hey Alexander,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I tried to follow your process but unfortunately I can't send you logs when Enscape is freezing at 95% cause sketchup window is also frozen. I can't do nothing but force to quit SKP.

    Update, Enscape works well even with the second screen plugged-in as long as the Enscape window is set on my laptop screen, if the window is opening on my second monitor then it freezes at 95% .

    Thanks for your help !


    I got the same issue but because of my new dual screen.

    I figured out that when I"m running Enscape with my LG monitor plugged on my laptop, Enscape is freezing at 95%. When I"m unplungging the monitor it works fine.

    Did not find out the solution for that yet.

    Thanks for your help.