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    So I flipped the model and it works perfectly ! nice thought !

    BUT it seems you cannot flip Enscape camera, even if I synchronize sketchup camera view the Enscape camera stay up side down.

    Nevermind I did a capture this way and flip image afterward

    Thank you very much !


    I'm working on a model and need to put fake grass to the ceiling, but when I apply the material to the ceiling and I play with grass settings nothing happen. I figured out that it's a gravity issue.

    Grass grows only from the floor to the sky in Enscape universe and not the oposit.

    Is there anyway to have a beautiful grass on my ceiling ?

    I tried to flip the volume of my ceiling but nothing change.
    Fun fact, when I flip the volume at 90 degrees no more grass at all, both sides. !

    Thanks for your help

    Hey Sean,

    Thanks for your feedback, but I don't think light settings are the issue there.

    As shown on the video and my screenshot, the render preview shown just before capture process is exactly what I'm looking for. The question is why

    the final capture is not as per the render preview ?



    I got an issue with lights rendering. See the capture video below:…nCaptureProject1.mkv?dl=0

    Enscape is running, when I'm moving closely to the light the light diffusion seems to work well.

    As soon as I'm moving back the camera the light effect disappear.

    Then I'm capturing a shot, and just a second before it runs there is like a screenshot preview of the rendering that I would like, but at the end it does not look like how I expected.

    Final render:

    Render I expect:

    Hope it makes sens !

    Thanks for your help !

    Hey Alexander,

    Thanks for your feedback.

    I tried to follow your process but unfortunately I can't send you logs when Enscape is freezing at 95% cause sketchup window is also frozen. I can't do nothing but force to quit SKP.

    Update, Enscape works well even with the second screen plugged-in as long as the Enscape window is set on my laptop screen, if the window is opening on my second monitor then it freezes at 95% .

    Thanks for your help !


    I got the same issue but because of my new dual screen.

    I figured out that when I"m running Enscape with my LG monitor plugged on my laptop, Enscape is freezing at 95%. When I"m unplungging the monitor it works fine.

    Did not find out the solution for that yet.

    Thanks for your help.